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Meet Our Canton, GA Home Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity.



Linda Huckaby, RNLinda Huckaby, RN, Director of Nursing
Our DON, Linda Huckaby's illustrious career deserves it's very own page. Click here to visit her page.

Ingrid Weir

Ingrid Weir
Business Development, Marketing, & IT Manager
Ingrid came to us after working 14 years in Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations in the high-end construction industry. She started out part-time as our Marketing Communications Coordinator but quickly fell in love with BrightStar and the industry as a whole. Ingrid always wanted to make a change in the lives of others; to do something important, and she has found just that here at BrightStar. 

Using her expertise in Marketing and Public Relations, Ingrid's primary focus is to expand the Cherokee County territory and develop staffing relationships. Though territory expansion in Cherokee and building Staffing relationships in both territories are her main concentrations, she also manages a number of Special Projects and is our in-house IT Department. A "jack of all trades", she is able to help with just about anything you could possibly need. 

In her free time, Ingrid enjoys volunteering and doing things that scare her to get past her fears. She did stand-up comedy for two years because she has a fear of public speaking. She still has a fear of public speaking and enjoys spending her free time with her weiner dog and family.



Questions about our care team?

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