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Healthy for the Holidays: Avoiding the Holiday Blues

Avoiding the Holiday Blues

Staying healthy for the holidays also means avoiding the holiday blues.  The BrightStar Care person-centered approach begins with our pledge of Guaranteed Compatibility through our person-centered plan of care created by our Registered Nurse Director of Nursing that’s individualized with your unique needs.  We also offer additional services that can be helpful around the holidays, like transportation to a social or family gathering, help with baking a family favorite treat, assistance with greeting cards, and more – all in an effort to bring joy
and an extra helping hand this holiday season.



Give the gift of time to yourself or someone in need.  Put up holiday decorations, watch a favorite movie together, or play a familiar game. Music can be powerful in lifting peoples’ spirits.  Play a song on the piano or put on a favorite holiday music. Get in touch with your spiritual side.  Do a nice deed for someone else, think about what you are grateful for, or go to church or synagogue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There can be a lot to do during the holidays, so reach out for assistance with holiday cards, baking, or even shopping.


How BrightStar Care Can Help:

  • Our RN uses a Life History Form to collect information about each client’s individual interests.  Our clients are more than their conditions.  They are people with interests, passions, and a rich history.  As part of initial and ongoing assessments, our RN uses a Life History Form to take into account the intricacies of who our clients are, what they like to do, and the things they enjoy.  The RN includes this in the individualized plan of care and informs the caregiver of these important, personal details.
  • Our RN performs medication reviews to assess if/how certain medicines could be contributing to depression.  During the initial assessment, our RN reviews all of the medications that a client is taking to ensure they are not only taking the right dosages at the proper frequency, but also to identify where medicines could be causing interactions and/or side effects, including exacerbating feelings of depression.
  • Our clients are matched to their caregivers through our Guaranteed Compatibility® program.  The connection between caregiver and client is critical, not only to a client’s care, but also to a client’s comfort and happiness.  As part of our commitment to providing person-centered care, we created our Guaranteed Compatibility program.  We have the processes in place to make sure that our clients are getting the best possible match when it comes to who will be providing them with care and support.
  • We provide care and services to help our clients do things they enjoy that might be difficult or impossible to do by themselves.  We incorporate client interests and what makes them happy into a personalized plan of care for our professional caregivers to weave person-centered touch points into their interactions with clients to engage them and brighten their day.