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Caregiving for Cincinnati, OH Seniors with Cancer

Changing Your Expectations During the Holidays: Cincinnati Seniors, Caregivers, and Cancer

Caregiving for Cincinnati Seniors During the Holidays: Not Having Expectations

The holidays and other special occasions are times where loved ones and caregivers of Cincinnati seniors recently diagnosed with cancer come together as a team, learning new roles, working as a unit to be strengthened together and create lasting, enjoyable memories for the future. Many times, the holidays can create stress and chaos, even without cancer, all because a lack of communication between family members. It is is especially important that communication be a key component, when planning for special occasions and holidays after a recent cancer diagnosis for seniors and their loved ones.


The key to successful happy memory making is for teamwork. Everyone involved caregiver, friend and family member alike, will each have a new role to fulfill in the event of holiday time spent together. The word “no” should not be an option for anyone when dishing out various responsibilities for care taking during these times. Feelings of guilt need to be banished, not creating or allowing unrealistic expectations to be built up as the holidays are always stressful and action packed, even before a daunting cancer diagnosis added to the chaos. Ask for help as a loved one or caregiver to Cincinnati seniors. The holidays and vacations are for you as well, so do not take on the responsibility of caregiving alone, and not allowing yourself to create memories as well. This is not the time to stereotype roles. Holidays are unique circumstances, especially while struggling through cancer, so traditional roles for all may be mixed and matched to work together through it. The key is finding a way as a family unit to create enjoyable and lasting memories to look fondly on in the years to come.


BrightStar Care of Cincinnati provides ‘In Home Care’ during and following cancer treatment. We offer a full range of care, from companionship and personal care to highly skilled medical care, allowing us to be your dedicated home care partner as your loved one’s needs evolve.

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BrightStar Care of Cincinnati proudly provides senior care and child care, including 24 hour skilled nursing and support in senior independent and assisted living communities. Additionally we provide Medical Staffing and In-Home Physical Therapy for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients, Companion and Personal Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We also provide Home Child Care, Sitter and Nanny services for Children and Support for New Mothers. We Support Veterans and Accept most Long Term Care Insurance benefits, Medicaid, provide Hospice care, Live-in care, CNA, Caregiver, RN, LVN, RN Supervision, Compassionate Care, and Compatibility Guarantees. Other services include safe discharge and transportation from the hospital or rehab facility, Post Op care both short and long term, Pre Operation and preparation help and assistance, and client monitoring for out of town family members. Our service area includes South Eastern Hamilton County and North Western Clermont County in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Camp Dennison, Loveland, Milford, Terrace Park, Mariemont, Turpin Hills, Sherwood Village, Forestville, Newton, Summerside Estates, Fairfax, Mulberry, Mount Repose, Madeira, Norwood, and Cincinnati.