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How to Handle Sensitive Care Tasks without the Discomfort

Caregivers in Juno Beach FL

Caregivers in Juno Beach FLAs a caregiver you are going to go through a wide variety of situations with your aging parent. These are going to call for specific care efforts, some of which you may not have fully prepared yourself or your aging loved one to handle. In many situations, elderly adults need assistance with potentially sensitive tasks. These can be dressing, bathing, toileting, or other tasks, and while they are vital for keeping your parent healthy, safe, and comfortable, they can also lead to many difficult emotions. Preparing yourself to handle these sensitive tasks can help to reduce stress and ensure that your parent gets the care that they need without putting your relationship at risk.

Use these tips to help you handle sensitive care tasks without the discomfort:

  • Talk about it. Acknowledge the fact that your aging parent needs this type of help. Talk to them about what you have noticed regarding these needs, or ask them how they are feeling and if they think that it might help them to receive assistance for these tasks. Talking openly and honestly about the situation can help your parent to feel more in control and less overwhelmed.
  • Never shame. No matter what happens or what type of care that you are giving your parent, make sure that you are never doing anything to shame your loved one. Do not make faces or sounds, or say things that could embarrass or upset your parent. Always think of how you would feel if you were the one who was going through this need and about the type of care that was given to you if it was just like the care that you are giving your parent.
  • Give them independence. Just because your parent needs some help does not mean that they cannot handle any of the elements of these tasks on their own. Always be willing to give your aging parent as much independence and autonomy as possible when handling these tasks. Acknowledge to yourself that it will take more time to handle these tasks and always show patience.
  • Always ask. When you are helping your parent with these tasks, always show respect by asking before each step in the task. Let them know what you are going to do and ask for approval before you go forward. This acknowledges that they are the one that is receiving the care and that they are an individual with the right to respectful, personalized care, particularly when dealing with sensitive tasks.

If you are struggling with the sensitive tasks that you have to fulfill for your aging parent, or your loved one is not comfortable with your assistance, it may be time for you to consider hiring home care for them. An in-home senior care services provider can step in to provide personalized, respectful care that is tailored to your loved one's needs as well as their need for modesty and dignity. For many aging adults this is much more comfortable than accepting this type of care from their adult child. Because the care provider is a neutral professional, the care that they give does not carry with it the emotional implications that your care might.
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