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What Can You Do if You Feel Like You're On Your Own as a Family Caregiver?

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Caregivers in Jupiter FLBeing a family caregiver can often mean that you feel that you're left on your own to deal with some scary situations with your elderly loved one. While it's normal to feel alone sometimes, you have to have help in order to be an effective caregiver. Learning how to ask for and get the help that you need is a learned skill.
Assess Your Ability to Ask for Help

Some family caregivers have a very difficult time asking for help from other people. Take some time to really dig deeply into your ability to ask other people for assistance. If you find yourself turning down help or having trouble asking for help, you may be creating some of your own problem. It's time to accept the fact that you need other people and that it's not weakness to ask for help from others.
Join a Support Group and Attend Meetings

In that same vein, you need to join a support group made up of other family caregivers. They can help you to understand the difficulties and the joys of being a family caregiver. They can also help you determine how to get the help that you need. Ideally, you should join at least one in-person support group and actually attend meetings. Online support groups can be more flexible in terms of timing and can offer a great deal of support, too.
Take Regular Breaks

If you're not already taking regular respite breaks, you need to start doing so. Even if your respite is an hour or two to take a nap, that's important. You need to be able to spend time doing the things that recharge you and give you excitement. Make the time to visit with friends, to read, or just to take a nap. Find respite care assistance from other family members or from elderly care providers so that you know your loved one is in good hands while you're gone.
Get Professional Help if You Suspect Depression

Depression can be a common problem for family caregivers, so it's important for you to acknowledge it and get help quickly if you suspect you're dealing with depression. Find a counselor or therapist that you trust so that you have someone to talk to when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Finding the right level of help for both you and your elderly loved one is essential in order to give yourself balance in your own life.
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