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Addressing Mobility Challenges That Can Arise During the Holiday Season

Elder Care in Palm Beach County FL

Elder Care in Palm Beach County FLMobility issues are a concern at any time of year when you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult. These difficulties can include balance problems, weakness, flexibility and range of motion limitations, pain, and stiffness. When suffering from these problems your elderly parent might not be able to engage in the world around them as much and can be at increased risk of serious injuries that could compromise their health, safety, and well-being into the future. During the holiday season these issues can increase, putting your aging parent at even greater risk. Addressing these effectively is important for helping your loved one enjoy the holiday season while keeping them safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Use these tips to help your aging parent address mobility challenges that can arise during the holiday season:
• Maintain clear walkways. Whether you are decorating indoors or out, make sure that you leave open, clear walkways for your aging parent to use. They may have more difficulty navigating decorations than you would, so do not just use your capabilities as a guideline. Ensure that your parent not only has plenty of room to walk, but also that you do not put anything unstable along the path that might encourage them to reach out and grab it for support, potentially leading to a serious fall.
• Consider lights with a foot button. If your aging parent has difficulty with balance, range of motion, flexibility, or other mobility problems, they might not be able to bend or crouch down to plug in the lights. Help them keep their lights glowing without the risk by replacing traditional lights with those equipped with a foot pedal so all your parent has to do is step on the button to turn them on or off.
• Avoid flames. Elderly adults with mobility issues often reach for furniture, walls, and other objects to give them more stability as they are walking across a room. Be aware of this while decorating for the holidays and avoid placing anything with flames near where your parent might reach. Having lit candles, lamps, lanterns, or other decorations on these surfaces can lead to contact burns or your parent could accidentally knock them over, leading to increased fire risk.

As a family caregiver, your desire for your parent to enjoy a high quality of life can become even more meaningful during the holiday season. This is the time of year when you want your loved one to enjoy special time with their friends and family, follow the traditions that your family has always cherished, and make memories that you can all carry with you for years to come. The stress, additional challenges, and added demands of this time of year, however, can make ensuring that your parent gets the care, support, and encouragement that they need more difficult. Starting elder care for them can be an exceptional way to help them maintain a safe, healthy, comfortable, and independent quality of life throughout the holiday season and beyond. When it comes to addressing mobility challenges, an elderly home care services provider can give your parent physical assistance and support to help them avoid injuries and accidents as well as identifying potential risks and guiding them in addressing these risks to create a safer environment. They can also encourage your parent to stay more active, keeping their body as healthy and strong as possible so that they are better able to avoid dangers and resist injuries and consequences.

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