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What Are the Best Ways to Set Limits on Driving for Your Elderly Loved One?

Elder Care in Stuart FL

Elder Care in Stuart FLWhen you do talk to your loved one about setting limits on her driving, make sure that you're clear about the fact that this is more about her safety than anything. From there, you can decide together which circumstances are in need of restriction.
Restrict the Time of Day During Which Your Loved One Can Drive

Some elderly loved ones have issues with night vision or simply feel uncomfortable behind the wheel when it's dark outside. This doesn't mean necessarily that your loved one will self-restrict her driving during those times, though. Choose a time or a series of times during the day and evening which represent safe driving times for your loved one and talk to her about whether those work for her.
Restrict the Route Your Loved One Can Take

Heavily-trafficked roads and roads that are unfamiliar to your loved one may not be the best choices for her if she's driving herself. Talk to your loved one about the routes that she chooses. Together you can come up with some alternate routes that are comfortable for both of you.
Monitor Traffic on the Acceptable Routes

Even a route that is typically acceptable for your loved one and for you can have some issues. Keep up with the routes that your loved one is most likely to take and be sure to let her know if you hear of any trouble. There are even smartphone apps that can send alerts to you about traffic problems in your area.
Restrict Driving During Certain Weather

Rain, snow, and other hazardous weather can cause a hazard for any driver but it can be especially dangerous for your elderly loved one. Decide together which weather types are the ones that are the most concerning and make an agreement that your loved one won't drive during those circumstances.
Restrict Driving Based on Health

In some cases, how your loved one is feeling is more important than the route she takes or what the weather is like. Situations such as high or low blood sugar, for instance, can significantly affect your loved one's decision-making abilities. Talk to her about which types of health issues need to be an automatic "no driving" situation for her.

Make sure that you provide an alternative transportation method for your loved one if she needs to go somewhere and runs up against one of your limits. Other family members may be available or you might want to consider elder care providers for transport.
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