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Elderly Care Tips: National Moving Month

Elderly Care in Jupiter FL

Elderly Care in Jupiter FL

May is National Moving Month, and if relocating your aging loved one is going to be part of your elderly care journey in the near future, now is a fantastic time for you to start planning. Transitioning an aging adult into a new home can be a stressful undertaking. This is true whether they are transitioning into a smaller home where they will live with the care and support of an elderly health care services provider, or if they are transitioning into living in your home with you and your family. Planning well in advance and putting special considerations into place can make the entire process smoother and less daunting for everyone involved.

Use these tips to make moving your aging parent easier and less stressful:

Get familiar with the home. Take the time to get familiar with your parent's new home as early as possible. While it is not always an option to find a new home several weeks or months in advance, try to locate the new home as soon as possible and get familiar with it. This will let your parent choose which room of the new place will be used for what and how they may want to arrange their belongings. This will make the process of unloading boxes and furniture easier.
• Pack gradually, but consistently. Nothing is more stressful in a move than trying to do all of the packing within a few days. Instead, start packing as soon as your parent decides to move. Whether they have found a new place to live or not, getting started with the packing will make the whole process less difficult. Even just one or two boxes a day can make a tremendous difference in the challenge.
• Label clearly. The labels that you put on boxes will be your roadmap for unloading and unpacking. Make these labels as clear and beneficial as possible. Consider using color coding to make it easy to determine where each box should go, and then use another label to write what is in that box. For example, use a strip of pink tape to show that a box goes in your parent's bedroom, and then write a label that says "summer clothing."
• Streamline as you go. The packing stage is the perfect time for streamlining your parent's belongings. Make sure that you have a trash bag on hand whenever you are packing so that you can immediately throw away anything that you find that your parent does not need to keep. Also keep a donation box so that you can put aside items that your parent does not need to bring along, but that could benefit others.
• Get help. Make the process as easy as possible by recruiting help for the big move. Have your parent's elderly health care services provider plan an outing or an errand for the day of the move and then have friends, family, and anyone who is willing to help out be there to handle loading, driving, and unloading.
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