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Elderly Care Observances: American Heart Month

Elderly Care in Jupiter Inlet Colony FL

Elderly Care in Jupiter Inlet Colony FLFebruary is American Heart Month, a great time to focus on improving heart health for your senior loved one. According to the CDC, approximately 83.6 million American adults have 1 or more types of CVD. Among them, 42.2 million are estimated to be 60 or over. With eye-opening statistics like these, it's easy to see why an entire month has been dedicated to improving cardiovascular health, particularly for seniors.

Use these tips to get started on the path to improved heart health during American Heart Month and throughout the rest of the year:
• Encourage physical activity. Getting active is something that many heart patients worry about because they fear that pushing their bodies will worsen their hearts or cause them to experience a serious event such as a heart attack or stroke. Remind your senior that physical activity is crucial to heart health and strength, and that if she lives an inactive life she is actually putting her heart at greater risk of heart disease or a cardiovascular event. Talk with her doctor about how much physical activity is safe and what types of activities he recommends so that you can start creative an active routine for her.
• Change up her diet. Dietary changes can feel like a major undertaking when you are caring for a senior who has been accustomed to a specific approach to eating throughout her entire life. Be sure that she understands how important it is for her to give her body what it needs to stay healthy and strong, and work together to find heart-healthy foods that fit in with her doctor's guidelines and recommendations, but that are also delicious and satisfying. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to get into the kitchen with you or her home care provider and experiment with her food.
• Encourage more sleep. Studies have shown that poor sleep habits could lead to high blood pressure, which can cause heart disease. Ensure that your senior loved one is getting the recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night. If they are having difficulty falling asleep, consider limiting caffeine consumption in the evening, setting a bedtime routine or taking a warm shower before bed.

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