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How Dangerous is a Fall for Your Aging Parent?

August 16th, 2016

Home Care in Stuart FL

Home Care in Stuart FLEveryone has heard the cliché of an older person falling and breaking a hip. Many have even joked about it. As a family caregiver, however, you should know that falls among the elderly are no laughing matter and can actually pose extremely serious dangers to the senior who experiences the fall. Understanding this risk can help you to make the proper decisions regarding their care so that you can reduce this risk and protect your aging loved one.

Some things that you should know about the danger that falls present to elderly adults include:

• Every year throughout the United States millions of older adults aged 64 and above experience a fall
• This accounts for one out of three, or 30 percent, of the older adult population
• Fewer than half of the people who suffer a fall then tell their doctor about it and seek the proper treatment for the injuries that they might have sustained
• Suffering from one fall makes it twice as likely that your aging parent will suffer from another fall
• 20 percent of falls results in a serious injury such as a head injury or a broken bone
• More than 2.5 million senior adults throughout the United States seek treatment in the emergency room each year as a result of falls
• More than 700,000 of these seniors will have to undergo extended hospitalization due to an injury sustained during a fall
• The most common injuries to older adults caused by falls are hip fractures and head injuries
• More than 95 percent of all hip fractures suffered by older adults are caused by falls
• Seniors who suffer from hip fractures are 50 percent more likely to die within the calendar year
• The number of deaths among elderly adults in the United States caused by falls has increased steadily and dramatically since the year 2000
• Falls can result in serious loss of mobility and commonly lead to cognitive decline and loss of quality of life.

One of your most important priorities as a family caregiver is to keep your aging parent safe, and that means helping them to avoid falls that could have devastating consequences for them now and into the future. Hiring home care for them is a highly effective way of decreasing their risk for a fall while also increasing the chances that they will get the care and attention that they need to get through the situation in the best way possible in the event that they do experience a fall. A home care provider can offer direct physical assistance to help your aging parent with tasks that might increase their chances of falling, such as transferring, walking around their home, getting into and out of a car, toileting, and bathing. They can also help to monitor your parent's health and condition to determine if they may be suffering from challenges that could increase their risk of falling, enabling you to make important decisions regarding their future care.


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