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What Strategies Can Help You and Your Loved One Manage Sundowning?

Homecare in Juno Beach FL: What Strategies Can Help You and Your Loved One Manage Sundowning?

Homecare in Juno Beach FL: What Strategies Can Help You and Your Loved One Manage Sundowning?

One of the more disconcerting aspects of dementia for your loved one can be the daily possibility of having a bad sundowning episode. Try some of these strategies to make bad episodes a little less common.

Set up a Schedule and Stick to It

Having a solid schedule can do a lot more for your senior than you or she might think at first. What the schedule does is provide a framework for what happens and when it happens. Your elderly parent doesn't have to do the exact same things every day, but the schedule does need to be consistent.

Plan out Foods and Drinks

What your aging parent eats and drinks influences quite a bit of her health, of course, but it can also influence her ability to cope with sundowning. If your loved one is sensitive to too much sugar or caffeine, having it earlier in the day can make it less of a factor later in the day when sundowning is more likely to occur.

Track Triggers Regularly

Keeping a notebook handy during the late afternoon and early evening can allow you to jot down potential triggers that make sundowning worse or even better. Making even just a quick note about how they handled each afternoon can help you to spot patterns and trends that allow you to make this time of day easier for them.

Turn on Lights Before it Gets Dark

For some seniors, lighting makes a big difference when it comes to sundowning. If that's a problem, get ahead of the situation by turning lights on in the house before it actually starts to get dark. You can even start using a timer to go ahead and turn the lights on for you.

Comfort Is Key

The more comfortable your loved one is, the easier it can be for her to get through a difficult sundowning episode. Let her know that you're there for her, that you love her, and that she's safe there at home.

Knowing that she can rely on her schedule and on you is important for your elderly loved one. Consider hiring home care providers to help you maintain the schedule as closely as possible.

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About the Author – Jack Nicol, Owner

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