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How Can Your Senior Be a Safe Driver if She Has Arthritis?

October 12th, 2017

By: Jack Nicol

Driving with arthritis is definitely still possible for your elderly family member, but there are some things that she may need to do in order to keep being safe on the road. Depending on the severity of her arthritis, your aging adult may need to make some changes.

Talk to Her Doctor First

Arthritis can cause extreme pain and stiffness, but some of these symptoms can be managed with the help of your senior's doctor. Make sure that you talk with your elderly family member's doctor about what she can do in order to take care of her joints so that she can keep doing all of the activities that she loves to do.

Look into Exercise Programs

Exercise is so much more important than your senior might think at first. It can help to keep her joints supple and limber, even when they're not feeling as well as they did in the past. Talk with your aging family member's doctor about the right amounts and types of exercise for her to try. Exercising too much won't help, but some movement every day can help quite a bit.

Automate the Driving Experience

While self-driving cars aren't an option yet, there are more and more features being added to cars all the time. Definitely seek out options such as automatic transmissions and power brakes and steering. All of that helps your senior operate the car with less physicality. Other options to consider are cars with parking assist, which help to park the car without input from your senior. Even these little bits of assistance from the car can help.

Consider Taking Breaks from Driving

Occasionally your senior may be having a more difficult time than she usually does with her joints. During those times, it can help to have someone else, such as you or senior care providers, driving for her. None of this means that your elderly family member can't drive herself anymore, but it can help her to rest up and save her strength for the times when she's feeling better able to drive.

Keeping up with how your aging adult is feeling can help you know how to help her the best when it comes to driving safely.

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