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How Senior Friendly Is Your Parents' Community?

January 6th, 2016

Elder Care in Palm City, FL

Elder-Care-in-Palm-City-FLKeeping your parents active and engaged in the world around them is an important part of supporting a high level of mental, emotional, and physical health throughout their aging years, and to help them live the highest quality of life possible. If their community is not equipped to handle the needs of an active senior, however, these efforts may go to waste and your elderly loved ones might be forced to stay at home or not be as vital and involved in life as they would want to be, diminishing their quality of life and potentially increasing their rate of decline.

Ensuring that your parents are living in a senior-friendly community helps to underscore and support your care efforts, and grant them the most independence, autonomy, and freedom possible while also addressing their physical, mobility, medical, and cognitive limitations.
Some things to keep in mind when considering whether your parents are living in an elder care-friendly community include:
• Proximity of houses. Houses that are built close together tend to promote closer neighbor relationships. This is extremely beneficial when you are on an elder care journey with your parents because if they are friendly with their neighbors, you can feel more confident that someone is looking out for them even if they are home alone, and that they are getting vital social interaction. Be sure to meet these neighbors and give them your contact information so that they can get in touch with you if there are ever any problems.
• Accessibility of public transportation. Many elderly adults are no longer able to drive safely on their own because of low vision, hearing challenges, or physical limitations, but this does not mean that they do not want to be able to get out and about. Public transportation is a fantastic way for seniors who are cognitively capable to get out into the community without having to drive themselves or always rely on you for transportation. This is also a great way for them to be more active with their elderly health care services provider, as they can ride the bus, train, subway, or other transportation together and enjoy more experiences in their usual routine.
• Healthcare. No matter how healthy your parents are now, you do not want them aging in a community that does not have close and accessible availability of healthcare that can handle their specific needs.
• Food. Many people have not heard of the term "food desert" but it is something that dramatically impacts a large percentage of the population, many of them elderly. This term refers to an area where sources of fresh, healthy, and affordable food are not readily accessible by those who live there. This can mean a neighborhood where there is not a grocery store within a few miles, or a rural area where the local store does not carry fresh produce or proteins. This can make ensuring that your parents get the nutrition that they need extremely difficult, possibly putting their health at risk.
• Engagement. Senior-friendly communities have entertainment and engagement opportunities that appeal to seniors, such as clubs, organizations, museums, or adult learning centers that enrich their lives and encourage them to keep their minds and their bodies sharp and active.
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