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Keeping your Parent’s Brain Active

August 17th, 2017

Caregivers in Jupiter FL: Keeping Your Parent's Brain Active

Caregivers in Jupiter FL: Keeping Your Parent's Brain Active

The old adage, “Use or lose it,” doesn’t just apply to muscles—it applies to the brain as well. A study reported in the National Institute on Aging found that older adults who learned digital photography or quilting actually had increased memory improvement over those that merely socialized or took part in less demanding, brain-challenging activities. Another trial conducted by the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly found that those who participated in 10 sessions of training in memory, reasoning, and processing-speed showed improvement in the specific area of training, and the improvements lasted for 10 years.

Brain Exercises
Helping your parent’s brain stay strong doesn’t require heavy-duty, mind-challenging endeavors. A study conducted by The Mayo Clinic found that the simple act of reading, along with other cognitive activities, could lessen the chances of developing dementia by 50 percent. If your parent has never been an avid book reader, find magazines in areas that interest them. These could inspire them to take on a new challenge in their life as well, another healthy brain activity.

Learning Something New
Learning something new requires new synapses and connections to develop in the brain. As you know from experience, learning can be challenging. To make sure your parent doesn’t get frustrated, help them find an activity that inspires them—something they’ve been intending to learn for some time and just never quite got to it. This could be anything from water painting to ceramics to learning how to play the guitar. Studies have shown that seniors who played a musical instrument for just one hour a week for four months showed improvements in the area of the brain that controls memory, hand movement and hearing.

Playing games such as checkers, chess, card games or board games not only stimulates your memory and decision making abilities, it creates camaraderie and shared memories—good for both caretakers and for those they care for. One great game designed to test one’s memory and geared toward seniors is Senior Moments Board Game.

The ability to remember is linked to sleep. During the day, you learn something new which is then stored in your short-term memory. It isn’t until you retire and go to sleep that the brain replays the events, consolidates them and then ships them to the back of the brain and into long-term memory.

Older adults often have difficulty with either getting to sleep or staying there. This may be due to changing hormones, chronic pain, medication or other disease processes. To help them get to sleep and stay there, consider getting them into a routine of waking and going to bed at the same time every day. In addition, limit their caffeine, alcohol and processed food intake and keep water to a minimum an hour before bed. Instead of a glass of wine or soda with dinner, consider a cup of herbal tea. And don’t forget to place daily exercise into their schedule—always a prime inducer of a good night’s sleep.


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About the Author – Jack Nicol, Owner

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