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Are Personal Care Tasks Becoming too Difficult for Your Elderly Loved One?

February 23rd, 2017

Senior Care in Juno Beach FL

Senior Care in Juno Beach FLPersonal care tasks are those tasks that your loved one has handled for many years on her own, most likely. Getting dressed, bathing herself, and taking care of regular grooming is something that she may suddenly need extra help managing.
Talk to Your Loved One about Her Personal Care Needs

It may not be easy to talk to your elderly loved one about whether she needs help bathing, dressing, and grooming herself. In fact, your loved one may be incredibly embarrassed to have this conversation at all. But if you're noticing changes to your elderly loved one's hygiene, the time has definitely come to make sure that she's getting the help that she needs.
Work out a Plan for Personal Care

If your elderly loved one doesn't live with you, you may need to make some adjustments to both her routine and your own in order to handle her personal care tasks for her. Your loved one may be open to discussing a move or she may be open to other solutions. Until you start working on a plan together, you may not truly know what options are available to you both.
Adjust the Plan as Necessary

Once you're able to work out a plan with your elderly loved one, you may need to adjust it. Very few plans work perfectly right out of the gate and you're going to find variables that you didn't think about when you first made the plan. That's okay, though, and something that you should expect.
Consider Hiring Senior Care Providers

One of the things you may need to prepare for is that your elderly loved one might not be comfortable with your help for her personal care tasks. This isn't unusual at all and you might not be comfortable with the idea, either.

Sometimes elderly loved ones are much happier about the idea of working with home care providers to take care of personal care tasks for them. Let your loved one know that's an option and you might find that it works for both of you.

Once you have a plan in place, revisit it now and again to make sure that it's still working for both you and your elderly loved one.
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