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How Can Senior Care Help Your Aging Parent During Holiday Celebrations?

December 15th, 2016

Senior Care in Jupiter Island FL

Senior Care in Jupiter Island FLThe holidays are a beautiful time to be a family caregiver, but they can also be one of the most challenging. You want to spend quality time with your elderly loved one and the rest of your family, creating memories and enjoying the traditions you carry close to your heart. At the same time, however, you want to make sure that your aging parent’s needs are met and that they stay safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy throughout the season. This can be challenging when you are planning activities, events, and gatherings with friends and family. Hiring senior care can help your parent to engage with holiday celebrations with also maintaining their care as much as possible.

Some of the ways that senior care can help your aging parent during holiday celebrations include:
• Help with preparations. Helping your aging parent engage in holiday celebrations and be a part of your events can boost their mental and emotional health and help them to ward off potentially dangerous issues that are common among elderly adults during the holiday season including depression. A senior home care services provider can encourage your elderly loved one to find ways that they can help with preparations, such as cooking some of the food, setting the table, or making decorations. They can then assist them in completing these tasks.
• Support when you are busy. The holiday season often means schedules that are far busier than usual. This could mean that you do not have the time to devote to your elderly parent’s care and support. A senior care provider can be with your aging loved one when you are not available to be with them so that you can handle everything that is on your list while still knowing that your senior is getting the care, support, and attention that they need. This is not only important to ensure that their needs are met, but also to give them the valuable companionship they need to ward off feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression common among seniors during this time of year.
• Care during the celebration itself. When you are hosting a holiday celebration your attention is likely to be pulled in many different directions. If you put all of your attention on meeting your parent’s needs, you may not get a chance to enjoy the time with your friends and family members. If you pay attention to them, you may not fulfill your parent’s needs effectively. Fortunately, a senior care provider can be with your aging parent throughout the celebration to help them with any needs that may arise. This could mean helping them choose foods and eat safely, handle personal care needs, remind them to take medication, offer physical support and assistance, or even just bring them to a quiet place if they are feeling overwhelmed and need a little bit of calm. This ensures that they will have the opportunity to engage with the celebration in the way that is right for them while also staying safe, healthy, and comfortable.
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