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Senior Care Observances: More Herbs, Less Salt Day

August 18th, 2016

Senior Care in Palm Beach County FL

Senior Care in Palm Beach County FLAugust 29 is More Herbs, Less Salt Day. This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore different ways that you can increase the health benefits of your aging parent's diet. What your loved one eats makes a tremendous difference in their health and well-being, and by encouraging them to improve their eating practices and make better choices every day you can help them to avoid health complications, feel better, and have a higher quality of life as they age in place.

The goal of More Herbs, Less Salt Day is to encourage people to put down the saltshaker and instead find fresh and delicious ways to flavor their foods through herbs. Not only does this dramatically expand the flavor profiles available to them, but it also helps to protect them from the health complications that are often linked to excess salt consumption, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and more.

There are countless ways that you can add herbs to your parent's meals rather than relying on salt for the flavor. Some of these include:

Freshen up eggs. An omelet is a fantastic meal to start your parent's day. It is packed with protein and vitamins, and is a great vehicle for a serving or two of vegetables. Rather than flavoring it with extra shakes of the saltshaker, though, try adding chopped parsley or basil for a fresh, bright flavor. You can also complement the ingredients in the omelet with herbs that would generally be found with them, such as oregano with tomato.

Boost a salad. Homemade salad dressing is a wonderful way to add flavor to your parent's salads, making them more palatable for those who may not particularly enjoy the flavor of raw vegetables, or simply adding dimension and interest. Create a dressing that is bursting with flavor rather than just salt by increasing the herbs and choosing some fresh or freeze dried versions rather than all dried. Oregano, basil, and thyme with oil and vinegar make a delicious Italian spin.

Harken the holidays. Flavor is strongly linked to memory and emotion. Bring back the happy memories of the holidays by adding in reminiscent herbs to your next roast chicken dinner. Sage and rosemary are bold, warming, and delicious, and the perfect way to bring these beloved flavor profiles into an everyday meal.

When you are looking for ways to help increase your parent's well-being and establish a lifestyle that encourages ongoing physical, mental, and emotional health, senior care may be just the thing. Having a senior home care services provider be a part of your parent's life and care routine is a way to give them the care, support, and assistance that they need to manage their personal needs, challenges, and limitations, while also encouraging them to stay active and maintain as much independence as possible. When it comes to helping them to eat a healthy diet, this senior care provider can be a great source of support and guidance. Not only can the care provider go to the grocery store with your parent to help them make good decisions about the foods that they choose, but they can then help them to prepare their meals and snacks. Together your parent and a senior care provider can research recipes and techniques that take their favorite flavors and turn them into something healthier for their body. This encourages your loved one to maintain more responsibility over their diet and to enjoy the mentally stimulating benefits of getting into the kitchen and cooking.
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