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How Can Senior Care Help a Senior with Low Vision Maintain Their Independence?

October 13th, 2016

Senior Care in Palm City FL

Senior Care in Palm City FLLow vision is one of the more common issue associated with older adulthood. Millions of adults are throughout the United States deal with vision that has become less effective as they got older. While some only experience minor decline in their sense of sight, others suffer a deterioration that makes a dramatic impact on their functionality and their quality of life. If you are concerned that your aging parent is not going to live the lifestyle that they desire and deserve, or you feel that they might not be able to be as safe and healthy because they are dealing with low vision, starting senior care for them may be the ideal solution.

Some ways that supplementing the care efforts that you give your parent with senior care can help your aging loved one maintain their independence as they age in place include:
• Reliable transportation. If your senior is dealing with low vision it is most likely that they are no longer driving. This can be a major change for many adults. The idea that they are not able to get out of the house when they want or need to, and are not able to handle their own errands and tasks can be upsetting and make them feel as though their independence has been taken away from them. Rather than them having to always rely on you to come to take them to do the things that they need or want to do, or to have you do them for them, a senior home care services provider can give your loved one reliable transportation. This means that they are able to get out of the house and engage more in the world around them without having to wait for you.
• Modifying home tasks. Some household tasks can become more difficult for a senior coping with low vision. The personalized services of a senior care provider mean that this care provider can evaluate the specific challenges that your parent is facing and modify those challenging tasks in such a way that your parent is able to handle more of them on their own. This might mean that the care provider handles some of these tasks for your parent and then guides them through others to enable your parent to still feel as though they have control over their lives while keeping them safe and healthy.
• Physical support and assistance. Low vision can make it harder for your parent to get around their home or to handle physical tasks such as getting in and out of the bathtub safely or selecting clothing properly. A care provider can give your parent physical support and assistance in these areas, enabling them to maintain a sense of independence and autonomy. Because these tasks can be sensitive in nature, having the help from a professional care provider can help your parent feel more comfortable and take some of the pressure and stress off of you that may come from dealing with this type of situation.

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