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Top Reasons Why Being a Caregiver Is So Rewarding

Are you considering a career in caregiving? It’s one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S., with almost 3.5 million caregivers currently employed and another 1.2 million positions expected by 2029. It’s a challenging job, but people employed as caregivers say that the job is incredibly fulfilling. What’s so rewarding about being a caregiver?

  • Being a caregiver offers you the opportunity to grow professionally. You’ll learn practical skills on the job that will be useful in other parts of your life or in a future career. This includes medical training like CPR, along with soft skills like patience, compassion, and communication. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue advanced certifications or continue your education, which can lead to more specialized roles. You’ll also learn about yourself and what sparks your interest on the job, so that you’ll know where you want to go in your career.
  • The pay and benefits are excellent. People who work as caregivers receive not only competitive pay and paid sick leave, but also specialty training and bonus opportunities. With the aging of the Baby Boomers, the need for caregivers continues to grow, and the compensation must keep up with this demand. What’s more, caregivers gain valuable experience and expand their medical knowledge, just by doing their jobs.
  • A caregiver’s schedule is flexible. If you’re not interested in going to an office for a 9 to 5 job, caregiving may be perfect for you. You’ll fit in with the routine of the person in your care, and your days will be varied. You might spend the day at the person’s home, enjoying each other’s company, or you might be running errands or taking your care receiver to appointments. Caregivers cook meals, send mail, do laundry and light housekeeping, and shop for groceries, and since caregiving agencies offer 24 hour care, you’ll be able to decide which hours work best for you.
  • Caregivers get to make a difference for families. There’s a special type of job satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life. When you work as a caregiver, you get the opportunity to make an impact on a person’s life on a daily basis. What’s more, you’re giving respite to family members who may be experiencing caregiver fatigue.
  • Working as a caregiver, you build relationships. While you’re providing companionship to a homebound or elderly person, you reap the benefits of connection with another person. You’ll develop relationships with your clients and their families, and this can lead to lifelong friendships. The things you learn from the people in your care, and the appreciation you earn from their families, can be life-changing.

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