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Evelyn C.

"About 3am I came out of my bed with severe pain & cramping in my ankle and leg. This is from severe neuropathy I have experienced for many years. The pain, numbness, & continuing disability from neuropathy caused an infection to begin in my right foot. After many years of infection & impairment my right foot was amputated in 2012. I was 81 years old & was told amputation of my foot was a necessity. After surgery, I spent time in Baptist Hospital. Upon discharge I had follow-up care with therapy. I learned how to adapt to home care, home health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, & learning how to move about in a wheelchair. With brace & prosthesis, I learned to walk again.
My life has changed & it was soon apparent that my husband was going to be my caregiver. Soon we realized we needed more help to assist in my care. He looked into our long term care insurance & began to make arrangements for the care to begin. We saw that many residents of Woodland Heights had caregivers from BrightStar so we called and made arrangements for my care to begin.  This phone call led to wonderful dedicated group of people who made service their business.  We have been very fortunate to find our dedicated caring & wonderful caregivers. She provides morning care to me & that makes my life so much better. She helps me dress, serves breakfast, tidy's up our apartment & other needs as they arise. She is so willing & ready to do anything that needs to be done. We appreciate her wonderful outgoing spirit to make our lives easier. Thanks to Shon and BrightStar for all your help and caring ways." ~ Evelyn C.