Recognizing the 2016 Nurse of the Year Regional Winners

April 8, 2016
Nurses are typically associated with women in white uniforms, tending to patients in hospitals or doctor’s offices. Yet every day, a growing  number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care. At BrightStar Care, every case is overseen by a Registered Nurse Director of Nursing. Our nurses, their expertise and leadership are critical to our mission of delivering A Higher Standard of Home Care. To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of the thousands of nurses throughout our network, we honor the exceptional work of our nurses across the country through our Nurse of the Year program.

Over the last week, we've been hosting celebratory reveal events to announce the 2016 Nurse of the Year Regional winners who were nominated from out of thousands of nurses that BrightStar Care employs across the system:

2016 Northeast Region Nurse of the Year Daisy Cruz - BrightStar Care Stamford, CT:


2016 Midwest Region Nurse of the Year Kelly Honn - BrightStar Care Central DuPage/Wheaton, IL:


2016 Southeast Region Nurse of the Year Vashti Johnson - BrightStar Care Cary, NC:


2016 West Region Nurse of the Year Elise Troske-Roberts - BrightStar Care Bellevue/Eastside, WA:


These very special nurses will be attending our Branch Leadership Conference this week where we will be celebrating their wonderful accomplishments and making a very special announcement of the 2016 National Nurse of the Year award winner on Saturday, April 16. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for special coverage of Nurse of the Year and the announcement of our 2016 national winner!

“Nurses overall have continuously topped the charts as the most trusted professionals in the workforce,” said our resident RN and Chief Clinical Quality Officer Sharon Roth Maguire, noting that a 2014 Gallup poll found that Americans ranked nurses as the highest under honesty and ethical standards amongst 11 other professions. “Our home care nurses make an impact on the lives of people every day by delivering a Higher Standard of Care in their homes.” BrightStar Care franchises employ more than 5,000 nurses, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Licensed Vocational Nurses. Through this program, we've gathered stories from the front lines about how our nurses act as leaders in their local BrightStar Care agencies, follow the brand’s values and consistently demonstrate and exemplify the BrightStar Care “Higher Standard of Care.” The nominations we’ve received punctuate the passion, leadership and expertise that our nurses are bringing to their jobs every day. Stay tuned for introductions of our wonderful regional winners and the April 16 announcement of our 2016 National Nurse of the Year!