Hurricane Preparation Tips for Seniors

August 28, 2023
Seniors may be at greater risk when a hurricane is imminent. During an emergency, they face more challenges than the average person: isolation, limited mobility and medical needs. Prepare older adults for emergencies and hurricanes before they occur.

Make a list of people who can help

Your main caregiver may be a relative. You may need to call on someone else if you have an emergency. You should have a contact list.

Create a contact chain. Assign who is responsible for contacting whom in an emergency. You can ask your family, neighbors, and friends. Don't leave everything to just one person. If they become injured or incapacitated, you could be left stranded. Your list of people to call should be kept in your emergency kit.

You may need help getting into your shelter or evacuating if you are unable to move around. You should identify ahead of time the people who will assist you.

Smartphones are equipped with a wide range of communication apps. Ask your family and friends to download the same apps. These apps can be used as a way to communicate in the event of a phone service failure.

Be sure your medical information is available

You may wear a medical bracelet or pendant if you suffer from a health condition. You could even save your own life if you're diabetic, allergic to certain medications, etc. Medical alert jewelry is available to help first responders in the event that you cannot tell them about your medical history.

What to do if you leave your home

List: Make a list before an emergency occurs of all the things you need to remain healthy. Include your doctor's name, pharmacy contact information, your list of medications and any medical equipment you use. Let the people you have on your contact list where to find the list in case of an emergency.

Kit: You will need a kit that contains all you need to live for at least 72 hours. Visit for a complete list. You can also get information from the American Red Cross on what items to buy.

Cash: The general rule is that you should have enough cash on hand to cover 30 days' worth of living expenses. Make sure to have some cash in small bills, and some coins for emergencies.

Prepare yourself for emergencies in your area. Louisiana is prone to hurricanes, river flooding and flash floods, as well as fires. Sometimes, you can prepare for dangers that are known in advance but sometimes you must react quickly. When deciding to evacuate, always follow the instructions of local officials. Before you need help, know who to call.