Piscataway Home Health Aid Wins Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year Award

Piscataway Home Health Aid Wins Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year Award

August 9, 2023

At Brightstar Care of North Middlesex County, NJ, we take great pride in the 100+ caregivers (RNs, LPNs, and Certified Home Health Aides) that are on our team. They serve our clients with compassion and skill, and truly help improve the quality of life for those clients and their families. 

Recently, Comfort A., one of our valued home health aides, was recognized by Brightstar Care as the National Caregiver of the Year, Northeast. Comfort is one of only four caregivers that received this recognition across almost 400 agencies in the United States. It’s a huge accomplishment for Comfort and a reflection of how all of our caregivers serve their clients. Congrats Comfort!

Please read a bit more about this recognition in the article below, published this week in a local newspaper:

“Piscataway Home Health Aid Wins Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year Award”

PISCATAWAY, NJ – A Piscataway-based home health aid has been awarded BrightStar Care’s Northeast Region Caregiver of the Year for 2023.

At a surprise ceremony on Friday at BrightStar Care’s Stelton Road office, franchise owners and staff cheered for Comfort A. as they awarded her with a trophy and luncheon in honor of the compassion and care she shows for her clients.

“I was so surprised,” said Comfort. “I didn’t know what was going on. I just opened the door (to the office), and they were like, “Surprise!”

“I really appreciate everybody here,” she said. “And I appreciate Amy for the beautiful letter she wrote.”

“Amy is the daughter of the client Comfort cares for,” said Kelley Bailen, co-owner and president of the BrightStar Care franchise that serves northern Middlesex County. “She wrote some very beautiful words about Comfort.”

Comfort, who has served many clients over her long career with BrightStar Care said she was surprised to be nominated for the award since she had only worked with the 94-year-old client since February.

“It’s a good match for sure,” said Bailen. “Comfort is a live-in aid, so she’s with her client 24/7. She’s always with her, so they’ve grown very close. She’s just a great caregiver. From what Amy said in her write-up, she’s been such a value to her family and their mother, giving her quality of life at this point.”

Amy wrote that in addition to providing her mother, who has advanced dementia, with her full personal care needs, Amponsah taught her how to sort cards and fold items and “turned her bedroom into a sanctuary with soothing music and aroma therapy, so she's always in a comforting and safe environment.”

She has been able to shift away from being the primary caregiver and into her true role as daughter, and now is able to spend more precious time with her mother.

“Comfort is a true asset to the home care community, and her clients are lucky to have her in their lives,” Amy said in her letter.

“We’re thrilled for her,” said the franchise’s CEO and co-owner, Andy Bailen about Comfort.  “She’s a great example of what we want to have on board for caregivers."

“When you’re one of the four nominees among 400 franchises, the odds of winning are against you,” said CEO Bailen. “We knew she deserved it from a care standpoint. We didn’t know what other people were doing and how they compared. It’s great to get that kind of affirmation of the care she provides that was recognized by the client’s family and BrightStar Care in general.”

The National Caregiver of the Year will be announced in October when BrightStar Care franchisees meet for their annual conference in Atlanta, and Comfort plans to be there.

“You must love your job. If you don’t love it, quit it,” she said about her commitment to her clients. “I have had so many clients. I think all of them will say good things about me.”