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#ShowLove to Your Heart This Month

Happy Heart Health Month

February is heart health month and at BrightStar Care© Lubbock we are encouraging our team and community to #ShowLove to their heart! Throughout this month we will be providing tips to understanding your risk for heart disease and how to take preventative measures today.

We began this month by joining the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women day. Each year heart disease claims the lives of almost 500,000 American women. We wear red to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease in women and encourage them to take action. We asked a few of our staff to reflect on why they wear red and here is what they had to say:

Marcy Reyes, Therapy Customer Care Coordinator

“I am wearing red for ME.  This is one of my biggest fears, is a heart attack. My husband & I are going on 24 years of marriage in Sept. & I want several many more years. I want to continue to be around for my grandkids but also for the grandkids to come. I lost my dad way too early in life & my youngest son doesn’t have any memories of his grandfather. I don’t want that to happen to my grandkids. This is also the reason why I have started to eat better & been working out. I need to make this change for me first because no one else can do it for me. “

Annie Kane, Human Resource Assistant

“I wear red for my mom, my aunt, and my grandma. Each of them has had a tremendous impact on my life and have shaped me into the woman I am today. I can't imagine a life without them pouring wisdom and life into me. I want to have as many years as I can with each of them.”

Latoya Scott, Billing Coordinator

“I wear red for my Grandmother that passed away due to heart disease.”

Tracy Beltran, Billing Manager

“I wear red for all women with heart disease.  I have CAD and it is difficult some days to deal with the systems, so for all women to be strong and live long health lives.”

Trisha Pettiet, Customer Care Coordinator

“I wear red to support all the woman impacted by heart disease and also to support all the amazing women in my life such as my Mom, Grandma and my friends.”

Denise Arguello, RN Case Manager

“I wear red to support all my family and friends that are affected by heart disease.  I wear red because it reminds me that I need to be around for my family and to be proactive with my own health is very important.”

Charlene Hack, HR Director

“I wear red for all of the women who have suffered from heart disease.  Many women put themselves last to care for their families ignore the signs and symptoms affecting their own health.  I wear red to remind women to take time for themselves to prevent heart disease.”

Lisa Velasquez, RN Nurse Administrator

“Today I wear red for my mother who had congestive heart failure after her open heart surgery.  She was my rock and molded me to the woman I am today.”