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Our BrightStar GA - Marietta Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity.

Owners, David and Louise Evans

David and Louise Evans, Owners
David and Louise Evans became the proud owners of BrightStar Care of Marietta in February 2011.  Prior to BrightStar, David worked in the insurance industry, and Louise worked as a teacher.  They are passionate about the Home Care business and work conscientiously to ensure that everyone, who comes into contact with BrightStar of Marietta, experiences a first class level of care.  This level of care is carried out whether it is through a staffing contract, a skilled nursing assignment, or through having a BrightStar caregiver in their home to help with a loved one. 

David fills an operational role at BrightStar, building relationship in the community and keeping us compliant with all of our licensing requirements.  Louise uses her skills to introduce families into the BrightStar fold by marketing new products and orientating new staff members. David and Louise are from the United Kingdom; although they have been enjoying Georgia for more than ten years.  When they are not occupied with BrightStar business, they spend their time keeping up with their children, working in the yard, and reading.

Lori Burton, Branch Manager

Lori Burton, Office Manager
Lori has been with us since the owners took over the Marietta territory.  As the branch manager, she is primarily responsible for the payroll and billing.  These tasks, however, involve her with our master schedule, which in turn links her to our customers and our caregivers.  She is quick to answer the phone and always offers excellent customer service with a smile. 

She is a local southern belle and is willing to share her local knowledge of resources to those who need help.  She lives with her husband and in-laws in Dallas.  Her spare time is occupied with her grandchildren.

Jennifer Chabeck, Case Manager

Jennifer Chabek, LPN Case Manager
Jennifer has been with BrightStar since September 2011. She originally worked in the field but then joined the office to manage the schedule and head our recruiting drive. She now visits clients to make sure they received the highest standard of care. Jen also manages the "Humana At Home" program. She recruits nurses from all over Georgia to work as our Care Managers on the Humana program. These managers visit clients in their homes to offer advice that helps them to better manage their chronic medical conditions. This, in turn, reduces the amount of hospitalizations and improves their quality of life. Her experiences in the field as a nurse have given her a unique perspective of what skills our field staff need and how best to serve our clients . It must be very reassuring to all our field workers to know that they can reach out to Jen who will be there to offer advice
and support.

In her spare time Jen enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, crocheting, and researching her ancestry.

Christina Gilliam

Christina Gilliam, Human Resources Manager
Christina has been with BrightStar Care of Marietta since 2016. In March of 2018, her position changed from Lead Customer Care Manager to Human Resources Manager. With her knowledge of the business and her expertise as a CNA, Christina is able to recruit and train the best people for the job. She keeps employee files impeccably and plays a key role in the orientation process. 

Christina is a native of Chicago now residing in Atlanta where she enjoys the outdoors.

Tanisha Culberson

Tanisha Culberson, Lead CNA/ Field Specialist
Tanisha has been a Certified Nursing Aide for 9 years. She chose this line of work as she has always seen herself as a people person. She grew up without Grandparents and now she has hundreds of them!

Her excellent clinical skills, huge personality and compassionate professionalism make her very good at her job. She can go out and start a case off for us, troubleshoot when problems arise and teach a CNA how to best handle a worrisome situation.

When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family and she admits willingly to being a coupon junkie!

Madeline Dieujuste, Customer Care Manager
Madeline has been with BrightStar for 3 years; previously working in the field as a compassionate caregiver.  She has recently joined the office staff training our aides and dealing with customer concerns from the office.


Darla Lawrence, Lead Customer Care Manager
Darla keeps the schedule populated with clients and compatible caregivers. She backs up this duty by constantly staying in touch with our caregivers and customers. With this constant contact, she acts quickly to solve problems and keeps everybody happy. 

Darla is also a native Chicago; now residing in Marietta where she enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family. 


Shaunda Castile, Customer Care Manager
Shaunda works hard to keep the schedule up-to-date with clients and caregivers. She will make sure that all of our clients are provided with a higher standard of care by visiting the homes of many of our clients. She is a first-class CNA and Registered Medical Assistant, who will often be able to turn a potentially difficult situation into a good one.

Shaunda comes from Louisiana but has enjoyed Atlanta since 2017. She has recently joined us in Cobb County, and we are happy to say she has decided to make this her home. In her spare time, she writes self-help books and is involved with her children's activities. 


Questions about our care team?

Please contact BrightStar Care Marietta online, or call (678) 290-7827 and we'll be happy to answer them.