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Client-Centered Care is Important to BrightStar Care Marietta, GA

March 23rd, 2015

BrightStar Care of Marietta

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Client-Centered Care is Important to BrightStar Care

When we’re children, our parents tell us when it's time to eat, bathe, sleep, and play. Then we grow up and spend decades making our own decisions and living independently and with purpose.

After a whole lifetime of productivity and self-sufficiency, losing the ability to live independently can be devastating. But even more devastating is the possibility of ending up in a dependent care situation, whether in a nursing home or our own residence – depending on others for help in eating, bathing and sleeping.
BrightStar Care of Marietta is a Person-Centered Care Provider

Regardless of your loved one's physical or mental condition, BrightStar Care of Marietta believes that she should be as highly involved in her care as possible. No one knows your loved one better than you and your loved one, and every in-home care program we design is developed with the full participation of the client and the family --
with an end goal of providing the physical, psychological, and emotional support that allows her to maintain as much independence, comfort and dignity as possible.

We achieve this by maintaining high standards of client-centered care based on our founding belief that:

  • The values of the patient should be upheld regardless of his physical or mental condition.
  • The holistic approach of tending to mind, body, and spirit is the best way to ensure a high quality of life and good overall health.
  • Every problem is an opportunity to collaborate with the client and the family to meet needs in the way that's the least restrictive and the most empowering.
  • Every client is deserving of dignity and respect, and everyone has the right to have their voice heard when it comes to their care.
  • Every client is capable of experiencing joy and living purposefully, whether they're in good health, bedridden with illness or injury or in the late stages of dementia.

BrightStar Care of Marietta believes that promoting good health and independence should always be framed in a positive light, achieved through love, compassion, and emotional support -- and always in a meaningful way that aligns with individual values, preferences, and needs.

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