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Our Director of Nursing

Ann Scott | Director of Nursing


I have been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years.  When I first graduated from Nursing school I went into Oncology and Hematology nursing for 6 years.  After that I spent the next 17 years working in the ICU and ER.  I completely enjoy caring for the patient and their family.  In nursing we know that we not only care for the patient, but we also care for their family.  


I believe that my experience in the hospital and with home care allows me to see the whole picture of the patient.  My hospital experience allows me to understand the care that is required in the acute stage of a patient’s health care.  I understand their disease process and understand what they have been going though while in the hospital.  My home care experience helps me understand the challenges that may takes place once a patient is at home and their hospital staff is no longer there for support. I enjoy my nursing practice which allows me to help others understand their health care journey and how to better support a healthy living.  

Most passionate about:

I am most passionate about learning from my patients and what they offer from their daily lives.  I hope I can inspire my patients but mostly they inspire me.  Every nurse is drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve or to help which I am no different.  I am passionate about being part of a care team that is there to serve. 

How do I provide a higher standard of care? 

High-quality nursing equals high-quality patient care.   This nursing care not only includes the patient but also includes connecting with their support system or family.  Caring for a patient starts with creating a care plan with the patient and family.  Collaborating with the patient and family helps insure that all medical needs are met.  Providing hands on care is only a small part of nursing.  High quality care involves a team approach and I am honored to be part of the care team.