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Playground designed for disabled opening in Old Bethpage

June 14th, 2016

BrightStar Care of North Shore/Nassau County would like to congratulate all who helped make the inclusive playground for disabled kids possible

New Playground in Old Bethpage is handicap friendly!

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Volunteers from the Junior League of Long Island help prepare Haypath Park in Old Bethpage on Saturday, June. 11, 2016. New playground equipment that's accessible to children with disabilities was playgroundinstalled at the park. (Credit: James Carbone)

A new “inclusive” playground that will allow children with disabilities to play with their friends and siblings is to open Tuesday in Old Bethpage.

The playground at Haypath Park is the first of its kind in Oyster Bay and one of the only ones on Long Island, said Oyster Bay Town board member Rebecca Alesia, who was involved in the playground’s planning.

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