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seniors-354847_1280The goal of many seniors is to stay in their home as long as possible. Most want to live in the environment that is most comfortable and familiar to them. They want to have privacy and to be able to hold on to the things they’ve collected over a long lifetime. Also, in addition to the emotional pull of staying in their home, doing so is good for mental stability as well. One of the dangers of a loved one staying home, however, is the risk of them falling. According to the CDC, one of every three adults age 65 or older fall each year—among that age group, falls are the leading cause of death.

If you are someone that is in the position of having to help an aging loved one make decisions about their future, it’s important that you either advise or provide them with Orlando senior care if they are to remain at home so that they aren’t left alone for long periods of time. An in-home companion can also help in doing the things that your loved one is no longer able to do for him or herself.

As important as having an Orlando in-home health care provider, it’s also critical that people understand that there are things that can be done to help prevent a loved one being injured in a fall, such as:

  • Perform bathroom renovations – grab bars, raised toilets, walk-in tubs, non-skid runners in the tub, floor padding and hand-held shower nozzles—all can help older people function safely in one of the most dangerous parts of their home.
  • Consider home modifications – Threshold ramps, railings, rug tape, lift chairs, wider doorways, stair-lifts, etc. can all help seniors get around their home in a safe and convenient manner.

Another cause of falls in the home is when obstacles get in the way while walking—clothes or news magazines on the floor, footstools, electrical wiring, children’s toys, shoes, etc. Rearranging furniture can also help, as can installing additional, brighter lighting, taping down extension cords and hiring someone to clean the home periodically.

Orlando senior care providers can help provide the assistance you need to help your loved one keep from experiencing isolation and depression, while staying in the comfort of their own home. It’s equally important though, that the home be made as safe as possible for times when the caregiver is not around. BrightStar Care can assist in this process with a free Comprehensive Assessment of Fall Risks in client homes conducted by one of our specially trained nurses.

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