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Managing Hygiene for Seniors

February 14th, 2017

toothbrush-571741_1920Imagine spending time with your older loved one, but something is different. Everyone’s favorite relative is suddenly looking old and slightly unkempt. This might be someone known for putting themselves together immaculately, especially for family gatherings. Whispers of confusion have raced amongst all those in attendance, and quiet inquiries have been made into the health situation of the relative. Turns out they are among the healthiest in their age group, so why are they suddenly looking so old? It’s then that the realization sets in. They are getting old, and it might be time to offer them some help to maintain their dignity as they continue aging. Orlando senior home care feels like the best option, but family members are unsure. There are two critical questions that need to be answered to solidify a plan.

How much help does the individual need?

Many seniors get overwhelmed by the physical demands of caring for themselves and begin to let their hygiene slide. Sometimes all it takes is the installation of a shower rail and seat along with a shower wand to decrease the physical demands of bathing. Some have moved past that stage and need help bathing themselves. Dental hygiene can also decline if loved ones suddenly find themselves unable to grip their toothbrush for the necessary time to care for their teeth. A specialized toothbrush with a wide grip, and possibly even an electric toothbrush, along with a discussion with the dentist about an age and health appropriate toothpaste can eliminate this problem. If shaving is the issue, men can visit their local barber to maintain a properly groomed appearance with the benefit of some social interaction. While not as convenient as the barber, women also have many options for hair removal and could also invite a friend or family member along for the experience.

How much help will they accept from a friend or family member?

Many loved ones recognize their setbacks, but finding solutions to these issues is just as overwhelming. They will accept, and even love and appreciate, help to buy and to install accessibility devices and to plan trips to the barber or salon, but loved ones may balk at even the thought of a family member or friend helping them bathe or groom themselves. Good hygiene is a health requirement, and it may be time to broach the subject of senior home care.

Once the amount of help a loved one needs and how much help they will accept from family and friends has been determined, it’s time to put a hygiene plan into action. Whether it’s as simple as leaving reminders around the house for a loved one or contacting BrightStar Care to discuss Orlando senior home care options, involving your loved one in every step of the process is crucial to happiness and follow through. For more information on the full continuum of personal and skilled home care services offered, call BrightStar Care at 1-866-618-7827 for a complimentary in-home assessment.

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