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Technology That Can Make Your Elderly Loved One’s Life Easier

March 2nd, 2016

technology-785742_1920Technology can be most intimidating when introduced to someone who didn’t have a telephone or a television until the 1950s. People of a certain age have usually not had a hands-on experience with most of today’s modern marvels. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to explore the usefulness of these devices. The experts in home care in Orlando, BrightStar Care, have some great suggestions for technology devices that can make your elderly loved one’s life much easier and perhaps healthier.

  • E-Readers: Traveling to the local library can become very difficult as we age due to mobility issues and lack of transportation. Vision issues complicate access to many literary works unless you can find large print versions. E-Readers provide the perfect solution. Many versions are simple to use and text size can be adjusted to accommodate vision issues. Many come with backlighting to further assist poor vision. With an e-Reader, your elderly loved one can access the library online and download books for their reading pleasure without the stress of mobility issues.
  • Cell Phones: Many of our elderly firmly believe that the old-fashioned telephone is the only way to go. The portability of a cell phone can help to keep them safe and in touch anywhere. There are many versions of phones that are very simple to operate and some even sport large keypads for ease of dialing. A smartphone can be programmed to assist with tracking medication management and can also come with voice control so one can easily call for help.
  • Tablets: The thought of using a desktop or a laptop might be intimidating to an older senior. A tablet might just be the perfect fit. There are many applications designed specifically to engage the older generation. Many provide free offerings such as games, access to videos, libraries, etc. They are easy to use and lightweight. Tablets can provide video chatting capabilities to help families stay in touch, Internet services, and other important connections to the world outside the home.
  • Handheld gaming systems: Systems like the Nintendo DS or Wii can provide hours of enjoyment and keep the brain stimulated. The Wii also provides physical activity when using the device to play games such as bowling, golf, and yoga, just to mention just a few.

An added bonus of introducing these types of devices to the elderly is that younger family members can be called upon to help teach the operation of the devices which promotes interaction within the family and the creation of memories. The experts at BrightStar Care provide home care in Orlando in a variety of capacities, each one customized to be the perfect match for your loved one. Call us at 407-877-0720 to learn more.

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