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Winter Garden In Home Care

August 19th, 2013

Winter Garden, Florida, was founded in the 1850's and became an agricultural community, vacation spot for northerners and fishing destination. Florida's mild winters have attracted retirees for many decades, and Winter Garden is no exception.

Because of the population of retirees, a focus on health care has brought top in-home care agencies to the area, but Winter Garden in-home care is for a greater range of people than seniors. People of all ages and situations may require in-home care for a variety of reasons. The young child whose parents both work; the mom whose busy schedule means she needs extra support with the children; the athlete whose sports injury and subsequent surgery left him with a significant recovery time; the patient with a chronic illness that prevents him from caring for himself - each of these circumstances can benefit from in-home care.

BrightStar is a full-service, in-home care agency in Winter Garden that meets the needs of all kinds of home health care situations. Before you choose a home care agency, it is important to understand what a home health agency is. An agency employs specialists so they can provide you with a variety of care options through their home care programs. When looking into agencies, you will want to know how they screen their employee-caregiver staff. Here is how BrightStar evaluates applicants:

  • Minimum one year of experience in home care settings

  • In-depth interview to determine skills, experience and passion

  • Criminal background check

  • License/certificate verification in accordance with state law and requirements

  • Continual license status monitoring throughout employee tenure

  • At least two reference checks via phone or mail

  • State health screenings as required by law

  • No-cost Hepatitis B vaccinations offered

  • Bloodborne pathogens training as stated by OSHA guidelines

  • Current CPR certification

  • Drug Screening

  • DMV verification and checks

Once you are confident that your agency will provide the most caring, talented and educated caregivers possible, examine costs, coverage options and find out what emergency procedures they have in place if an unexpected situation should arise.

The best way to determine whether an agency is right for you is to learn from people who have used our services. Our Testimonials page provides you with the stories of our clients that have benefit from our services through the years.

BrightStar Care is the leading provider of quality Winter Garden in-home care. Whether clients need medical care, companion care or personal care, our Winter Garden in-home care services, provided by certified employee-caregivers, can assist with meal preparation and helping loved ones with personal care such as bathing or eating, or simply offering companionship to those who live alone.