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Helping Families In Saint Lucie & Indian River Counties Discuss Care At Home

By: Rob Dezso

Whether you’re already caring for an elderly loved one, or they’re just beginning to require an additional helping hand, it may be tough to maneuver through the delicate issue of care at home. It’s a process that will take multiple talks, and entail a lot of emotions. To assist seniors and help their families flourish every day, BrightStar Care of Saint Lucie & Indian River Counties is here. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the first stages of the care conversation.

Understanding Apprehension

There are a variety of reasons why a loved one may feel anxious about receiving help from a caregiver. They must first come to terms with the fact that they need assistance, which is no small feat. It might also be difficult to consider allowing a stranger into their home and allowing them to be a part of their most private moments. Additionally, the issue of care at home may also create worries about how this may affect their feelings of independence and control.

Some of your discussions will need to center around your loved one feeling secure about being open and honest about their emotions. Maintaining empathy is critical if you want to know what the other person is going through and where their thoughts and emotions stem from.

Talking Points and Appropriate Moments

It's critical to get your loved one the help they need before things spiral out of control. When looking for a caregiver agency, you'll want to allow yourself plenty of time to discover the best fit. The less stress you put on your loved one and your family in advance of a crisis, the better.

Care at home is a touchy subject, as we've already established. Conversations should take place face-to-face and in a private setting. Ensure that your concentration is on your loved one by establishing eye contact, putting away your phone, and eliminating other distractions. As you listen, pay careful attention to their body language to obtain a better measure of their present emotional condition. This will assist you in determining where to guide the topic, and when to end it for another time.

Get Others Involved

Supporting a loved one at home requires a cooperative effort from everyone involved. As you and your loved one discuss options for at-home care, don't forget to enlist the help of others. Family members should have talks about who will be the main caregiver, and who will be taking on additional tasks in their loved one’s care. Is it possible to assign a relative to accompany your loved one to and from medical appointments? Manage finances? Work directly with the caregiver? Medical professionals, caretakers, and support groups can also be valuable additions to your care team.

BrightStar Care is here to assist you.

BrightStar Care of Saint Lucie & Indian River Counties is here to help, whether you're just starting to think about care at home or searching for an agency. Our care team is made of highly skilled nurses, therapists, CNAs, and carers. All with the expertise and compassion to deliver your family and loved ones the exceptional care they deserve.