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  • Suite 301
  • Schaumburg, IL 60173

BrightStar Care of Schaumburg: Client Testimonials

Read about BrightStar Care of Schaumburg in the Chicago Tribune, and see what our clients have to say about us below:

Just a brief note to thank you and your BrightStar team for the extraordinary service that you provided. Ann was not the easiest person to work with as her dementia began to affect her persona. It was only through BrightStar’s compassionate care that she was able to enjoy as many days as she did in her home.~ J.K., Prospect Heights


Our BrightStar caregiver is amazing. From the first day she started I have not had to ask her to do anything. My husband has Alzheimer’s and Dementia also has a catheter 24/7 and cannot control his bowels. He is very hard to deal with and always wants things his way. Well she can talk to him in such a way he will do whatever she wants him to do. She is always smiling and very gentle with him. She is always on time and works from the minute she is here. She bathes him, gets him to brush his teeth and helps him dress. Fixes his lunch and brings him into kitchen. She has been a joy to have in our home. Does laundry, makes the bed and it is hard to list everything. I feel very secure with her here if family takes me shopping.~ R.H., Schaumburg


We have had the pleasure of having Adetoun for the past year as our caregiver. She has proved to be a very effective one. Each day I have felt more at ease having her looking after my wife and leaving her alone in our home. Her personality is very friendly and kind. Always ready to help out when I need something to be done. When I leave the home I feel comfortable knowing that my wife is being well cared for and my home is safe. She always makes sure my wife is comfortable and has everything she needs during the day. She has become a part of our family. She sure has made my life easier!.~ W.L., Arlington Heights


We want to thank all of you at BrightStar for all the compassionate help you gave us during my father's debilitating illness. The BrightStar caregiver was so therapeutic for my father. She was an excellenct aid.~ R.A., Park Ridge


Just wanted BrightStar to know how pleased we are with the care that Maria is giving our mother. She has already had some tough situations, and has handled them with sensitivity, responsibility, and great respect for my mother. I so appreciate that. She has shown some excellent judgement, calling us when necessary but truly handling situations better than we could ever anticipate. My mom is becoming very stubborn and refusing some daily routines, but Maria is seeing that she follows through with necessary things, like taking medication, showering, etc. but she is managing to do it with care and love. We are very impressed. Just wanted you to be aware that we are very grateful to have her. Thanks so much.~D.S., Park Ridge