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Assistive Devices for St. Paul, MN Seniors

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Assistive devices help aging adults maintain their active lifestyles - getting dressed, cooking, remaining mobile - only now with a tool that makes it a little easier. Sometimes pain from arthritis or tremors from Parkinson’s disease can get in the way. Home caregivers from BrightStar Care in St. Paul understand the importance of comfort and safety, and we know there are certain assistive devices that are particularly helpful.


Glare got you down? Ask your ophthalmologist about polarized lenses. Keep forgetting to bring along your sunglasses? Try lenses that darken when they're exposed to bright light. Tired of fumbling for the right pair of glasses to see close-up, far away or mid-range? Consider bifocal or trifocal lenses.

Digital hearing aids

Unlike analog hearing aids, which amplify every sound wave, digital hearing aids have more complex sound processing abilities so that you can, for example, reduce background noise or amplify one sound over another. Some models even feature a programmable memory, which allows users to easily program their favorite settings.

Mealtime devices

Mealtime can be frustrating and painful for those who suffer from conditions like arthritis or Parkinson's disease. Weighted or suctioned plates stay put, while easy-grip handles on flatware make getting food from plate to mouth easier.

Lighted canes

Canes come in models that are collapsible, adjustable and self-standing. They can also come equipped with a light, which makes navigating dark spaces safer and easier while increasing mobility and confidence.

Walker baskets

Like canes, walkers are available in a variety of models, including those with wheels, seats or brakes and those that are made to improve posture, navigate stairs and rise from a chair. Our favorite feature is a basket, which provides a place to store purchases while shopping or safely carry items around the house.

BrightStar Care in St. Paul: The Best Assistive Device

Assistive devices make life easier for many aging adults, and senior care providers from BrightStar Care are the best. Our personal care and companion care assistants always go the extra mile to make your or your loved one's life as safe and independent as possible. Personal care providers help with activities of daily living such as bathing, personal hygiene and dressing. Companion care assistants provide help with home support services such as light housekeeping, meal preparation services and transportation services.

To learn more about BrightStar Care in St. Paul, contact us today at (651) 770-8427.

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