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Dignity and Privacy with Home Care in Tulsa

    My mom is not a people person. She is the epitome of cordiality and decorum, but at the end of the day, she's the kind of person who doesn't talk about a lot. Very particular, she thinks everything has its place, even in how you load the dishwasher. So you can imagine how it went as my mother's health gradually declined. She didn't want to admit that she needed help. But after her hip surgery, that was it. She couldn't do it alone anymore. We all knew it. So as we considered home care in Tulsa, she scowled at us in embarrassment.



Retirement Not What You Planned? Count on Senior Care in Tulsa

    For most of your adult life, you looked forward to retirement. With places to go and people to see, you had plans for every second you didn’t have to punch the time clock. Then cataracts crept into your life, followed by fading vision, an accidental fall, and then a hip replacement. Suddenly, life became a little more restrictive and retirement changed its course. It’s apparent that you have to revise your game plan, but what do you do? Your kids are grown and gone, and your neighbors work. Who can help bring enjoyment and independence back into your life? Senior care in Tulsa is the answer.



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