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Home care in York, PA

  • 97 Theater Lane
  • York, PA 17402

Our York / Lancaster / Hanover Care Team

Andri Purkanto and Ryan Guzzino are Co-Owners of BrightStar Care of York.  

Andri and Ryan’s lifelong pursuit was to find an opportunity to indulge their intellectual passion for life, enjoy doing it, and at the same time contribute something beyond themselves to an organization in ways that help employees, customers, societies, and mankind. Purchasing BrightStar Care of York allowed them to achieve this dream.  They acquired BrightStar Care of Baltimore County and Baltimore City from Lynn Berberich in June 2019.  

Andri and Ryan are committed to strengthening the reputation for customer service and quality of care that BrightStar represents. 

IMG_5580-(4).JPGRyan Guzzino, Owner

Prior to acquiring BrightStar Care, Ryan had 14 years of corporate finance experience in 3 different international manufacturing companies. He was instrumental in searching out business opportunities that carry the purpose and passion characteristics that Andri and Ryan were looking for. Ryan quickly settled on BrightStar Care for its ability to transform lives and provide a service that is integral to their community. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and MBA from Pennsylvania State University. 

Baltimore-(1).JPGAndri Purkanto, Owner

Prior to BrightStar Care, Andri worked for multinational companies in a global leadership role. He developed a depth of knowledge and experience in management, operations, technology, and execution. Andri’s lifelong pursuit is to find an opportunity to indulge his intellectual passion for life, enjoy doing it, and contribute something beyond himself to an organization. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Colorado State University and his MBA from Pennsylvania State University. 

IMG_5574.JPGHeidi Stevenson, Finance Manager

Heidi has been in the health care field since 2002 where she has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to BrightStar. Heidi was a resident assistant, Med-Tech/supervisor, and an Assisted Living Coordinator and Business Office Manager at a large assisted living community. Heidi joined BrightStar in 2012 as Branch Manager. She takes great pride in knowing she enables our team to provide the very best care to our clients and their families. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Gerontology from Towson University. 

IMG_5576-(1).JPGBrianna Nelson, Customer Care Manager

Brianna graduated from the University of Maryland with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Management and was awarded Summa Cum Laude. Throughout her schooling, she focused on studying healthcare information systems, policies, marketing, research, strategic planning, and leadership. Brianna’s main focus is providing and maintaining optimal client care and employee relations.

Ashley.jpgAshley Garner, Branch Manager

Ashley has been in the healthcare field since 2007. She chose the healthcare industry because that is where her passion lies. She specializes in dementia care and working with geriatric patients. She enjoys providing compassionate and optimal care for clients who are in their homes. Ashley previously had experience as a CNA and working as a Recruiter and Patient Coordinator. Ashley joined BrightStar Care in June 2021. 

Elaine-(1).JPGElaine Carnesi, Sr. Manager of HR, Finance, & Recruiting

Elaine has serviced the health care field since 2010.  Prior to BrightStar Care, she was the Business Office Manager for Genesis Healthcare where she managed Payroll/Billing/HR for the Staffing Division with over 1200 employees. Elaine utilizes organization and problem-solving skills to take leadership of new challenges while improving work productivity and atmosphere. Elaine’s first career was in Finance where she worked in commercial banking. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Loyola University with a focus on Finance and Marketing. 

Gabby.jpgGabby Dorer, Recruiter 

Gabby is dedicated to helping us lead our orientation sessions along with several other activities out of our PA office. Gabby truly enjoys talking to new people every day, and the role as recruiter allows her to do this, coupled with the intrinsic value of helping wonderful caregivers find a company that they can call home. She chose the Healthcare industry because many of the women in her life work in healthcare. She has formed a passion for working with geriatrics over the years, including nursing homes, and loves the connection as the clients become your family.

IMG_5573.jpgTim Kuhn, Vice President of Skilled Care

Tim brings over 20 years of experience in home health and medical staffing, including BrightStar Corporate. He oversees the daily operations and business development for skilled care while implementing necessary structures to enhance strategic growth. Tim earned his Health Policy and Administration degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. His experience in business development and partnership has equipped him with an adept understanding of how to uphold and improve core business models and services to attract new prospects and achieve sustainable growth. 

David.JPGDavid Gamerman, Skilled Intake Coordinator

David began his professional career with BrightStar Care after starting with the company as an intern more than 5 years ago. After gaining an extensive skill set and knowledge of all facets of the company, he found his specialty in our skilled care department. He has found a passion for assisting folks of all ages find a variety of services ranging from wound care, and infusion care, to catastrophic care cases.

Anita_biopic.JPGAnita Stokes, MHA, MSN, RN, WOCN, Director of Nursing Compliance Officer

Anita is the Regional DON of Skilled & Compliance Officer of BrightStar Care with over 20 years of diverse healthcare experience. Her background and education magnified her knowledge of nursing practices, individualized patient care, family relations, professional networking, staff development, and other relevant clinical and operational skills required of an effective nurse leader. She shares the same BrightStar Care values of serving our clients and families with the passion to ensure they receive the best services.

Screen-Shot-2022-04-28-at-8-06-51-PM.pngAmy Grace, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing

Amy Grace is our Assistant Director of Nursing for our Pennsylvania operations and she is committed to helping every BrightStar client find and receive the highest quality of care possible. She is dedicated to working with our clients and staff, making sure everyone is happy and properly cared for! She pursued her career as a registered nurse because of her passion and love of caring for others. 


Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity at BrightStar Care York / Lancaster / Hanover

In the York / Lancaster / Hanover area, the lifeblood of our business are the people who make it happen. Our office staff and caregivers work together day in and day out to deliver quality care and exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it's childcare or adult home care, the people who make up BrightStar Care York / Lancaster / Hanover are our greatest assets. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.