Help us protect the country's most vulnerable people

March 19, 2020

Help us protect the country's most vulnerable people by redefining the healthcare definition in the Coronavirus Response Act.

Please contact your Senators (Click Here) and Representatives (Click Here) today to share why home care is health care.

Home care is health care because:
  1. We provide the same services as many post-acute facilities in a much more isolated environment, crucial during social distancing efforts
  2. We provide emergency backup staffing services to hospitals, rehab, nursing homes
  3. We are an integral component of post hospitalization and preventing readmissions to the health care system, always crucial but more than ever with concerns of overwhelming the system
We help keep seniors and medically frail, those most at risk of death from COVID-19, out of hospitals, post-acute facilities and long term care facilities, we help hospitals and post-acute maintain adequate staffing levels, and we help those most at risk to get home safely and stay there should they recently be hospitalized.