Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Drug Treatments

June 12, 2015

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Drug Treatment
If you’re like many, you’re probably used to answering your doctor’s questions — not asking your own. But you have the right to ask questions
as well and you should ask questions – you are your own advocate after all! In fact, experts agree that you can get more out of your visits to the doctor when you prepare some questions ahead of time. Our “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” checklists can help guide you in getting the most out of every doctor visit. It’s just one more way we provide A Higher Standard of Care for your family.
  1. Will I need to take medicine?
  2. What kind of medicine should I take?
  3. Will my insurance cover this medication?
  4. Can I take the generic form of the medicine?
  5. What should I know about the medicine?
  6. What are the side effects?
  7. How do I know if it's working?
  8. How can I remember when to take medicine?
  9. What if I forget to take a medicine?
  10. Should I avoid any foods or other medicines?
  11. Can I drink alcohol?
  12. How long will I need to take my medicine?
  13. Will I have to keep taking medicine and, if not, what do I need to be able to stop taking my medication?
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