Why Choose In-Home Care for Seniors

April 3, 2015

In home care is a great solution for many situations that may arise. It can be used in both short- and long-term circumstances, and can relieve the stress and difficulties that may arise without it.

Whether it’s when caring for a child or an elderly loved one, sometimes we all need a little additional help. Before automatically opting for a nursing home or full-time daycare, consider the option of in-home healthcare that allows your loved one to receive treatment and care within the comfort of her or his own home. With the full continuum of homecare available from newborn care and nanny services to companion care to skilled medical care for the elderly, there is a wide array of situations where in-home caregivers can ease everyday stressors.

Top reasons to utilize in-home caregivers:

Old Age & Related Issues – With old age comes an array of physical and emotional challenges. In-home caregivers can help assist elderly loved ones on a full-time basis or periodically throughout the week. This helps loved ones enjoy the comfort of their own homes and in many situations it allows them to hold on to their independence.

Personal Care – In-home care providers can take care of bathing, nail trimming, dressing, and toileting. In-home care providers are trained to provide professional service for demands ranging from simple to delicate tasks.

Companionship – Having someone you trust to spend time with is vital for happiness, and with a capable and kind provider, your loved one will receive consistent companionship with loving care.

When a Nurse is Necessary – Whether it’s a broken ankle or hip or a long-term illness, sometimes a regular nurse is necessary. To help keep yourself or loved ones on track with medications and check-ups, an in-home nurse can be very beneficial.

Non-Ambulatory Situations – Often times our loved ones fall into situations where assistance is required, but an ambulance or hospital is not necessary. In-home caregivers help keep worry at bay and ensure safety for your loved ones who can still be independent, but need someone who is qualified and supportive.

When Parents are Sick – Sometimes parents get sick and are temporarily unable to care for their young children. Whether it’s a debilitating illness or temporary illness like the flu, homecare agencies can help provide qualified babysitters on a temporary or long-term basis if the parents do not have the necessary resources.

Too Sick for Work – From a strong strain of the flu to work-related injuries, sometimes you’re too sick for work but that doesn’t mean you require hospital care. In situations where a little extra help is necessary, temporary in-home caregivers can provide relief and assistance in a comforting place without being deserted in a hospital setting.

Meal Preparation – An in-home caregiver can ensure your loved one receives balanced, nutritious meals every day. Plus, they can keep your loved one company while they eat. They are also prepared to meet any dietary restrictions.

Errand Running – An in-home caregiver can run errands for your loved one, or even bring them along. Grocery shopping can be an enjoyable outing for many seniors if they have a companion.

Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Patients Many doctors feel that a patient best recovers in a clinical, sterile environment. However, this has since been shown to be wrong and it may actually increase the risk of developing a hospital-acquired infection that can be deadly for some people and elderly people are particularly vulnerable, especially when recovering from an illness or injury. Providing care to patients in their homes with an in-home care provider can be helpful and it may also encourage better and faster healing because the patient will be more comfortable in a familiar environment.

Elderly people will be able to be around family and friends so that they have the support and socialization necessary for a speedy recovery. Being able to recover at home also offers a degree of dignity and independence that is not usually present in a hospital setting.

For more information or if you think you might need care, find a homecare provider near you or contact BrightStar Care today.