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Baltimore, MD Home Care Staff Benefits

We know why you became a care professional. You wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. And you wanted a career that offered more — more choice, more flexibility, more opportunity, more potential, more success, more satisfaction. At BrightStar Care Baltimore, you can have all of that, and more. The BrightStar Care benefits program delivers real value to everyone who works with us because it is designed to meet your individual needs and circumstances. The details outlined below are just part of our package and includes competitive base salaries, incentive pay opportunities, and additional value-added benefits that allow our employees to enjoy a high quality of life and personal success. BrightStar Care Baltimore believes in the concept of sharing more – more joy, more flexibility, more success. Each of our employees, whether they are in geriatric nursing care or a home health aide, can become eligible for participation in a structured bonus plan that is directly dependent upon meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, as well as reaching our own goals as a company. Our success is dependent upon the daily efforts of our employees, at each of their staffing assignments. By recognizing their success in meeting our high standards of service, we attract the skilled and motivated employees who are the foundation of our success. View CNA Benefits View RN/LPN Benefits Employee Feedback for BrightStar Care Baltimore

BrightStar Care of Baltimore - Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - March 7, 2017
"I believe this is the best job I've ever had! I have the BEST clients. I get to meet and care for some clients who have lead fascinating lives….listening to their stories helps make my job easier.” ~ Employee Feedback, Baltimore, MD

BrightStar Care of Baltimore - Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - February 20, 2017
"I Am A Current Employee and It Has Been A Pleasure Being Apart Of This Company. Not Only Is It A Team Atmosphere, Its Like A Family. Brightstar Healthcare Value Their Workers, Clients And Sincerely Appreciate Their Caregivers. This Has Been The Best Employer Out Of My Healthcare Experience Because Their Love and Genuine Compassion For The Healthcare Field. Brightstar Is Big on Providing Excellent Care For All Clients as Well As Making Sure The Workers Are Happy. Thank You To All The Staff I Appreciate Y'all and Look Forward To Many More Years With Your Company.” ~ Employee Review, Pikesville, MD

BrightStar Care of Baltimore - Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - January 4, 2017
"Hello Everyone, I just want to take the time out to Thank EVERYONE in office and all the STAFF for selecting me as " BrightStar Employee Of The Week"! I greatly appreciate each and every one of you and most importantly being a part of such an amazing Team. This has been the best employer out of my healthcare experience and I look forward to more years to come. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart it means a lot to me!” ~ Employee Feedback, Owings Mills, MD

Our standards are high. Our goals are challenging. We are seeking those people who are willing to work with us to achieve them, and in turn share in the rewards of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Are you ready to provide a Higher Standard of care? Call your local office for additional benefit information at 443.275.2796
Reasons to Work for BrightStar of Baltimore City/County:  When you do a good job you will feel appreciated!

  • We are focused on Quality of Care for our Clients and Great Customer Service
  • An RN is involved with every case, setting up the Plan of Care
  • You have 24 hr. access to our RNs for questions
  • You have RN supervision in the field
  • We have an Employee Bonus program
  • We have a 401K program with a 3% employer match
  • We offer a 22% employee discount for cell phone services
  • We offer a 15% discount on auto repairs and maintenance
  • We offer an Employee Referral Bonus
  • We have 30-40 hours/week schedules available
  • We match your skill set to your job
  • We provide liability and professional liability insurance
  • You have Training and growth opportunities and free continuing education
  • We respect our employees  
  • If you are a student we work with you and your school schedule
  • You have live support 24 hours a day 7 days a week 
  • We have Employee Recognition Programs: Employee of the Week, Employee of the Month and the Employee of the Year- We keep growing through our reputation of great customer service and quality of care