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Andri Purkanto and Ryan Guzzino are Co-Owners of BrightStar Care of Baltimore County.  

Andri and Ryan’s lifelong pursuit was to find an opportunity to indulge their intellectual passion for life, enjoy doing it, and at the same time contribute something beyond themselves to an organization in ways that help employees, customers, societies, and mankind. Purchasing BrightStar Care of Baltimore allowed them to achieve this dream.  They acquired BrightStar Care of Baltimore County and Baltimore City from Lynn Berberich in June 2019.  Lynn had provided exceptional service and care for the Baltimore Community for more than 10+ years.  Lynn joined her husband in his retirement and continues to do volunteer work with the Alzheimer’s Foundation and the Maryland Association for Parkinson’s Support.

Andri and Ryan are committed to strengthening the reputation for customer service and quality of care that BrightStar represents. 

  • Andri Purkanto


    Prior to BrightStar Care, Andri worked for multinational companies in global leadership roles. He developed a depth of knowledge and experience in management, operations, technology and execution. Andri’s lifelong pursuit is to find an opportunity to indulge his intellectual passion of life, enjoy doing it, and at the same time contribute something beyond himself to an organization in ways that help employees, customers, societies, and mankind. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Colorado State University and his MBA from Pennsylvania State University.  Andri also serves on the board of directors of WellSpan York Health Foundation (York, PA), Edenwald Senior Living (Towson, MD), and Penn State University York Board of Advisory​

    Andri Purkanto
  • Ryan Guzzino

    Prior to acquiring BrightStar Care, he had 14 years of corporate financial experience in 3 different international manufacturing companies, most recently overseeing financial operations for the United States and Asia. Ryan was instrumental in searching out business opportunities that carried the purpose and passion characteristics that Andri and Ryan were looking for. He quickly settled on BrightStar Care for its ability to transform the lives of people around them while providing a service that is integral to their community. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and MBA from Pennsylvania State University.
    Ryan Guzzino
  • Lorelei Palemine MSN, RN

    Director of Nursing ​
    Lorelei is our director of Nursing for Skilled & Compliance Officer of BrightStar Care of Baltimore and South-Central Pennsylvania. Lorelei brought over 20 years of diverse healthcare experience and she is noted for her compassion with patients and their families. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure comfort and quality care. Lorelei gains satisfaction helping clients age in place  where their stories and memories are created. She earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Quezon City, Philippines and Master of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ.  She is also wound care certified. Her background and education magnified her knowledge of nursing practices, individualized patient care, family relations, professional networking, staff development, and other relevant clinical and operational skills required of an effective nurse leader.​
    Lorelei Palemine
  • Tamara Ahmad MSN, RN

    Director of Skilled Services​
    Tammy is our director of Skilled Services for BrightStar Care of Baltimore and South-Central Pennsylvania. Tammy has over 20 years of diverse healthcare experience and she is noted for her commitment to quality and satisfaction.   She approaches all aspects of her role with the focus on safe and high-quality care. She earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania and Master of Science in Nursing Leadership from Wilmington, University in New Castle, Delaware.  She still holds several bedside care certifications as well as recognitions for outstanding leadership abilities. Her background, education, professional and management skill magnifies her knowledge of nursing practices, staff development, and other relevant clinical and operational skills required of an effective nurse leader of complex patient care.​
    Tamara Ahmad
  • Chris Miller BSN, RN

    Assistant Director of Nursing/Personal Care Case Manager ​
    Chris brings more than 15 years of nursing experience to BrightStar Care after working in a variety of settings in his career—from home health, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers! Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Lynchburg College. His academic accomplishments along with many years of experience as a registered nurse allow Chris to connect with each client he interacts with and provide them the highest quality of care based on the unique needs of the individual. Chris also volunteers on medical mission trips to Santander, Colombia.​
    Chris Miller
  • Jennifer Navarro: LPN

    Director of Community Outreach​
    Jen brings over 30 years of senior care experience as a nurse and program manager. In her nursing career, she has been delivering superior clinical satisfaction and outcomes in SNF, TLC, specialty hospitals, home health, hospital, and senior living communities. Jen has been a driving force to strengthen relationships with strategic partners. Her skill set enables her to be a leadership catalyst that connects strategic partners' home care needs to BrightStar. Jen’s combination of passion, compassion, and clinical competence will make a substantial positive impact on the Baltimore County senior care landscape.​
    Jennifer Navaro
  • Elaine Carnesi

    Director of Human Resources and Finance
    Elaine has serviced the health care field since 2010.  Prior to BrightStar Care, she was the Business Office Manager for Genesis Healthcare where she managed Payroll and Billing for the Staffing Division with over 1200 employees. Elaine utilizes organization and problem-solving skills to improve work productivity and atmosphere. Elaine’s first career was in Finance where she worked in commercial banking. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Loyola University with a focus on Finance and Marketing​
    Elaine Carnesi
  • Heidi Stevenson

    Finance Manager
    Heidi has been in the health care field since 2002 where she has brought a wealth of knowledge and experiences into BrightStar. Heidi was resident assistant, Med-Tech/ supervisor and eventually the Assisted Living Coordinator and Business Office Manager at a large assisted living community. Heidi joined BrightStar in 2012 as Branch Manager.  She takes great pride knowing she enables our team to provide the very best care to our clients and their families. She earned bachelor degree in Psychology with a focus on Gerontology from Towson University. ​
    Heidi Stevenson
  • Brianna Nelson

    Customer Care Manager​
    Brianna graduated from the University of Maryland with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Management and was awarded Summa Cum Laude. Throughout her schooling, she focused on studying healthcare information systems, policies, marketing, research, strategic planning, and leadership. Brianna’s main focus is providing and maintaining optimal client care and employee relations.​
    Brianna Nelson
  • Gabby Dorer

    Customer Care Manager
    Gabby is dedicated to helping us lead our Customer Care team. Gabby truly enjoys talking to new people every day, and the role as Customer Care Manager allows her to do this, coupled with the intrinsic value of helping wonderful caregivers and clients find a company that they can truly call home. Gabby has chosen the Heath care industry because all of the women in her life are also in the field. She has formed a passion for working with geriatrics over the years, including nursing homes, and loves the connection as the clients become part of your family.​
    Gabby Dorer
  • Ashley Garner

    Customer Care Manager​
    Ashley has been in the healthcare field since 2007. She chose the healthcare industry because that is where her passion lies. She specializes in dementia care and working with geriatric patients. She enjoys providing compassionate and optimal care for clients who are in their homes. Ashley previously had experience as a CNA and working as a Recruiter and Patient Coordinator. 
    Ashley Garner
  • Tim Kuhn

    Vice President of Skilled Care
    Tim brings over 20 years of experience in home health and medical staffing, including BrightStar Corporate. He oversees the daily operations and business development for skilled care while implementing necessary structures to enhance strategic growth. Tim earned his Health Policy and Administration degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. His experience in business development and partnership has equipped him with an adept understanding of how to uphold and improve core business models and services to attract new prospects and achieve sustainable growth.​
    Tim Kuhn
  • David Gamerman

    Skilled Intake Coordinator​
    David graduated from the University of Maryland with his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Management and was awarded Summa Cum Laude. Throughout his schooling, he focused on studying healthcare information systems, policies, marketing, research, strategic planning, and leadership. David’s main focus is providing and maintaining optimal client care and employee relations.​
    David Gamerman
  • Kayla Russell

    Skilled/Staffing Coordinator​
    Kayla graduated from Towson University with her Bachelor's degree in Health Care Management and a minor in business management. Throughout her schooling, she focused on studying healthcare information systems, policies, marketing, research, strategic planning, and leadership. Kayla's main focus is providing and maintaining optimal client care and employee relations.​
    Kayla Russell
  • Iyana Horne

    HR Coordinator
    Iyana is a new graduate from Towson University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Management and a minor in Business Administration. Throughout her schooling, she focused on studying healthcare information systems, policies, marketing, research, strategic planning, and leadership. Iyana’s primary focus at BrightStar is onboarding new employees, maintaining credentials/competencies, and employee relations.
    Iyana Horne
  • Harold Mahilum

    Harold received his associate's degree in nursing at the University of St. La Salle- Bacolod and an in marketing management at La Consolacion College- Bacolod. He was exposed to community clinics, outpatient, OB-GYN, and pediatric departments during his nursing school years. He has an extensive experience in customer service and talent acquisition screening prior to working as a recruiter here at Brightstar Care starting back in August of 2022.​
    Harold Mahilum
  • Cole Porras

    Cole graduated from University of St. La Salle - Bacolod with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Throughout his schooling, Cole focused on both hospital based procedures and practices in ER, OR, OPD, ICU, etc. and community nursing as well. Cole started to work at BrightStar Care as a payroll specialist in 2019 and after 3 months he was cross trained for Customer Care Coordinator and Recruitment. ​
    Cole Porras
  • Christine Maga

    CJ has been a part of the Skilled Nursing Recruitment team for almost 3 years now. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She also took up an extension course for European Language with a Major in French from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.
    Christine Maga
  • Jiphanny Magada

    Recruiter ​
    Jiphanny joined BrightStar Care in 2020 as part of the recruiting team. She has Human Resources Recruitment and Training & Development experience. Jiphanny is adept in all aspects of HR Recruitment, including screening, interviewing, and selection. In her spare time, she loves spending with family, baking, cooking, and travelling to different places. ​
    Jiphanny Magada

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