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Home care in Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Getting Started With In-Home Care in Birmingham, MI

With BrightStar Care, you can always expect A Higher Standard of Care. Our Professional Care Team, led by our Director of Nursing, delivers expert, compassionate, and personal care. Our Care Experts are ready to serve 24/7 and only BrightStar Care combines industry-leading screening, training, and oversight practices.

The BrightStar Care of Birmingham, MI Experience

We understand that families looking for care don’t always know what to expect. When it comes to their loved one’s health and wellbeing, that can be scary. That is why we strive to make our process clear and seamless from start to finish.

Learn more about the BrightStar Care Experience and what to expect at every stage of your engagement with our team. Discover how we can exceed your expectations in being the home care solution that works for your family.

Ready to Help

When families come to us for help, it’s often in the throes of an emergency. At BrightStar Care of Birmingham, MI, our team of care professionals is always standing by to help. We are there for families in their time of need, whenever that happens to be.

BrightStar Care Standard

  • 24/7 Availability – Ready to help when you need it most
  • No Minimums – From 1 hour to 24, we’re ready to meet your needs
  • Employer of Choice – Professional, experienced, and trained nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants with a minimum of 1 year of experience
  • Caregivers trained by a Registered Nurse
  • All employees are drug screened, background checked, and competency verified

Living Room Visit

For us, being able to deliver an unmatched level of care begins from our very first meeting – the Living Room Visit. Our clinical approach starts from square one with our specially trained Registered Nurse Director of Nursing. In addition to getting to know you and your family and sharing more about what we do, our Registered Nurse conducts a comprehensive assessment. A personalized Plan of Care is created to meet your loved one’s unique needs and preferences.

BrightStar Care Standard

  • Introduction to the BrightStar Care Experience – Registered Nurse and Care Team Member visit your home to get to know you & discuss care needs
  • Comprehensive health & wellness evaluation conducted by a Registered Nurse
  • Person-centered plan of care around your personal and health needs
  • Full Continuum of Care – From companionship and personal care to skilled nursing for people of all ages

Getting Started

Our rigorous process for screening, hiring, and training ensures that the nurse or home health aide who comes into your home is highly capable and trustworthy. Every member of our team has at least one year of experience, receives ongoing, condition-specific training and is supervised by a Registered Nurse. You can feel confident knowing that your loved one is receiving the expert care they deserve.

BrightStar Care Standard

  • Guaranteed Compatibility® – BrightStar Care matches a care professional with you based on your preferences and unique plan of care
  • The Registered Nurse Director of Nursing and a selected care professional review your plan of care and life history form
  • A member of our staff facilitates a warm introduction between you and your new caregiver

Every Visit

At BrightStar Care, our people are our greatest asset. As part of our committment to delivering the utmost in quality care day in and day out at each and every visit, we invest in our staff. We begin by hiring only those who truly embody our core values and follow through by ensuring that each member of our team has the required experience and clinical competencies.

BrightStar Care Core Values

  • Be Open & Positive – Compassionate and kind
  • Serve with Passion – Make a real difference
  • Do the Right Thing – Honest and trustworthy
  • Do What You Say – Be accountable
  • Make It Great – Exceed expectations

Ongoing Support

When we say “every step of the way,” we mean it. We understand that care needs can and do evolve and change. That’s why, in addition to regular visits from your caregiver, our team of care experts establishes ongoing checkpoints to monitor your loved one’s progress. We make adjustments to their plan of care as their needs change.

BrightStar Care Standard

  • 24/7/30: First 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days check–in from the BrightStar Care Team
  • Active Staff of Care Professionals – Always ready when needed
  • Weekly Care Notes reviewed by the Director of Nursing
  • Registered Nurse Supervisory Visits & Reassessments
  • Change in Condition – Director of Nursing expertly guides client, family, and caregivers through unexpected changes, and develops a new plan of care to meet your needs
  • CareTogether® – Free, private, secure online caregiving resource