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We discuss and plan what schools are children will attend, weddings, holidays and jobs but we never discuss death even though it is inevitable. No one is getting out of here alive!!! So, how do you plan? What can you do to make your funeral easier on your loved ones?

I had the pleasure of attending a Tennessee Society of Healthcare Social Worker meeting at Hamilton Funeral Home last week and learned that there is actually a lot you can do!
Below, I have included information that was submitted by Dan Newsom, Family Service Counselor at Hamilton Funeral Home.

You probably have life insurance and some kind of retirement plan in place. Advance planning is the same thing. Paying ahead means saving money for you and your estate. It removes the stress of your family making decisions on one of the worst days of their life. It takes away the financial burden that will fall to your loved ones. You can make decisions ahead of time, together, not alone. You are able to decide what you want so that there is no doubt at the time of need what your wishes were.

Prices are frozen at today’s cost, not what they will be in years to come. Your services can be placed on an easy payment schedules over time. Where from day one your investment is locked in. These decisions can be put in place ahead of time so all your wants and wishes will be honored. It’s a way of showing caring love for your family.


If you are interested in getting some things done for yourself, or a loved one, I will be glad to get you a cost estimate, or help you start a file. I would also encourage you to fill out one of our Planning Guides. As you look through it you will notice how important a tool it is. It will answer the questions for your family on a pretty tough day.

(What did they want? vital stats, and settling your estate.)


We all make preparations for our family’s well-being in case of an accident or job loss. But it is just as important to plan ahead for the inevitable — to record and communicate our end-of-life wishes to help ease the stress and emotional burden on our families.

Planning your own funeral arrangements in advance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. It can help eliminate guesswork for your family and with our complimentary assistance; it is actually very simple to do. Please call me at 423-715-2690 to arrange a convenient in person ( or over the phone ) consultation.

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