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Could Your Loved One Benefit from Volunteering in Your Area?

Senior Care in Old Town IL: Could Your Loved One Benefit from Volunteering in Your Area?

Senior Care in Old Town IL: Could Your Loved One Benefit from Volunteering in Your Area?

Many elderly loved ones have some extra time and they have a serious wealth of knowledge. This can make volunteering something that is extremely appealing for your loved one. Keeping some basics in mind can help you and your loved one both appreciate the benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering Can Give Your Loved One a Purpose

Many elderly loved ones worry that they have worn out their welcome in society and that they really have no purpose. That couldn't be further from the truth, however. Finding the right volunteer opportunity can help your loved one to understand that she has plenty to offer on a variety of fronts. It can even provide a purpose for her if she's been lacking one.

Volunteering Can Be Incredibly Satisfying

Being able to help other people can be incredibly satisfying on an emotional level. Your loved one isn't doing this for the accolades, of course, but that doesn't mean that volunteering for a good cause won't make her feel good about life and herself. Help your loved one to find causes that resonate with her so that she can get the most out of the experience.

Your Loved One Can Meet New People with Similar Interests

One big plus of volunteering with a special cause is that your loved one is more likely to meet people who share her interests and her passions. These may be other people her age, but they may also be people of a variety of age groups. That type of interaction can be incredibly beneficial for your loved one.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Something to keep in mind is that your loved one doesn't have to spend hours and hours volunteering. Even a little bit of time spent as a volunteer can give your loved one and her chosen cause some warm fuzzy feelings. It's not necessary for her to make a full-time job of her volunteer work.

Some loved ones worry that being unable to drive means that they can't be solid volunteers. Set up a transportation system for your loved one if this is an issue for her so that she can easily get wherever she needs to go in order to volunteer.


About Lenora Alabi, Branch Manager

Lenora Alabi, Branch Manager

Lenora Alabi, Branch Manager

Lenora Alabi graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Millikin University in Decatur, IL. Prior to joining the BrightStar Care team, Lenora taught pharmacy related courses as the Lead Instructor for the Pharmacy Technician Program at Everest College for six years, helping to prepare students for careers in pharmacy. She was also the Program Manager for the Massage Therapy Program at Everest.

Lenora joined the BrightStar Care Family in 2015 as a Customer Care Manager where she excelled and made a significant impact on customers and staff through her passion in delivering a higher standard of care. Lenora became Branch Manager in 2016 and she continues to exhibit that same passion by ensuring that the highest quality care is provided to all clients and families. She also works diligently to ensure that the BrightStar Care core values are a meaningful part of every activity. “The standards are impeccable, and BrightStar Care is a company that works endlessly to ensure that customers are receiving the best care possible.”

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