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Assistive Devices in Boca Raton

Getting older can be a challenge, but emerging technologies have led to gadgets and tools that vastly improve the ease of performing many everyday tasks — from reading, to walking and getting dressed. BrightStar Care in Boca Raton knows that many seniors resist using assistive devices, sometimes out of denial or fear and sometimes out of pride. We’d like to help.

There’s an assistive device for almost any activity you can imagine, from door knob grips to embroidery hoop holders and lighted magnifiers. Here are a few other favorite (and practical) assistive devices for you to try:

Specialty eyeglasses

No matter what vision complaints you have, there’s probably a special pair of glasses that can help ease them. Photochromatic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight, while polarized lenses reduce glare. Bifocals and trifocals eliminate the need for two or more pairs of glasses hanging around the neck.

Lighted canes

Canes come in a huge variety of colors and styles these days, from easy grip canes to tripod canes that stand on their own. Another is the lighted cane, which makes it safer and easier to walk through dim or darkened areas.

Basket walkers

Like canes, walkers come in a number of different models designed for specific purposes, like rising from a seated position, walking up the stairs or improving the posture. A walker with a basket is invaluable, making it easier to shop, carry things around in the house and store items while out and about (such as purses, coats, and purchases).

Assistive devices for dressing

Anyone with arthritis (or any other condition that limits mobility or fine motor skills) knows how difficult the simple act of getting dressed can be. There is a wide variety of devices that make getting dressed easier such as zipper pulls, long-handled shoe horns, elastic waistbands and Velcro enclosures for shoes, blouses and pants.

BrightStar Care is the best assistive device!

The personal care and companion care providers from BrightStar Care in Boca Raton love helping their clients discover new ways to do the things they’ve always done, only more efficiently and with less pain. We can help assess your needs and recommend assistive devices that can open new doors and help you or your loved one realize new possibilities.

  • Personal care providers offer assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, toileting and ambulation care.
  • Companion care assistants provide home support services such as light housekeeping, help with laundry and transportation services for trips to the doctor, the grocery store or meetings with friends. Senior caregivers also provide company for conversation, games, puzzles or hobbies.
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