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Foot Care Advice for Boynton Beach Seniors

As seniors age, every aspect of health care becomes increasingly important. This is true even for those things that might seem largely inconsequential, like foot care. Yet foot care is highly important for the elderly to remember. April is Foot Health Awareness Month, so now is as good a time as any to make sure that your aging loved one is taking proper care of their feet!

Senior Foot Health

The key to senior foot health is actually quite simple: daily checking and cleaning. On a daily basis, check for blisters, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and scratches. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist for treatment of any of these concerns.
In addition to daily checking and cleaning, seniors should also apply moisturizer or cream to their feet every day. Clip toenails regularly (with a clip straight across) and ALWAYS wear shoes, sneakers or slippers that fit well. Although it is tempting in sunny Florida, never go barefoot!

Consider In-Home Care

In-home care from BrightStar Care in Boynton Beach takes care of every aspect of a senior’s health and wellbeing, including proper foot care. Whether you or your aging loved one engage companion care, personal care or skilled nursing care, a home caregiver provides home health services as well as senior companionship and home support services. A BrightStar Care home nurse can also provide medical assistance for non-healing foot wounds and diabetic in-home wound care.

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