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How Can Home Care Improve Your Senior's Self-esteem? 

February 13th, 2018

By: Amy Adaniel

bigstock-Nursing-Home-48071321.jpgYou might think about home care providers as a way to have some extra help, but they can do so much more for you and your senior on an emotional level. And during International Boost Self-Esteem Month, both you and your senior can take some time to focus on ways to keep self-esteem as high as possible.

Reviving Interest in Activities She Enjoys

Over the years, your senior may have lost track of some of the activities that she enjoys doing. It's also possible that she fears she can't do some of those activities any longer, especially if she's in pain. Having elderly care providers available can inspire her to share those activities with someone new or show off what she's done in the past. With some modifications, your elderly family member may even be able to pick up some activities she thought she could never try again.

Maintaining a Positive Environment

Positivity is so important when it comes to both self-esteem and to helping your senior to enjoy the life that she has now. Elder care providers have a lot of experience in maintaining a positive attitude and sharing that with you and your senior. They can help your elderly family member to recognize an emotional funk for the temporary situation that it is and gradually embrace positivity more.

Serving as a Backup to Her Independence

Many times aging seniors don't stop doing things because they can't do them anymore. Instead, they stop doing things because they're afraid that they might hurt themselves or that something else might happen that could be dangerous. This can put your senior into a fearful mindset that limits her independence. Having elderly care providers available enables your senior to embrace her independence and know that there's someone there who can back her up should things go badly.

Keeping You Happier as a Caregiver

If you're feeling overwhelmed and run down as a caregiver that feeling is going to permeate everything that you do. Having some help gives you a chance to catch your breath and to be the caregiver that you truly want to be. And that more positive, happier caregiver is naturally going to give your senior a big boost in self-esteem, especially if she's been worried about being a burden to you and to other family members.

Self-esteem is something that has to come from within, but with the right care plan you can help to create an environment in which your senior is able to experience positive reinforcement. From there, she can see just how much she's still able to do.

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