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How Can Your Senior Manage Arthritis Pain During Hot Weather? 

By: Amy Adaniel

Some aging adults find that they experience more arthritis pain when the temperature starts to climb. There may be other factors beyond just the temperature, however, so it helps to have a well-rounded plan in place to keep your senior comfortable.

Stay at Least a Little Bit Active

As long as your aging family member's doctor has given her the all clear to exercise, she should ideally move a little bit every day. Even during warm weather, this helps to warm up her muscles and joints, which can help to reduce pain. If she hasn't exercised in a while, it's best to start small and slowly and work her way up to ever greater activity levels.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is something that everyone should be doing because it can help your aging adult to stay a little cooler. Another benefit is that her joints and muscles will stay better hydrated which can help them to move better when she needs them to do so. If you're having a tough time convincing her to drink plenty of water, work out a game to help. Home care providers can help you to figure out ways to make drinking enough water easier for your senior.

Use Fans, Air Conditioners, and Other Cooling Equipment

Some aging adults aren't used to using fans and air conditioners during the warmer months of the year. But the cold hard truth is that these devices can make her so much more comfortable, even if the temperature isn't super hot yet. Work with your elderly family member to figure out a compromise that helps her to stay comfortable. 

Sometimes it's the Humidity

Something else to consider is that often the temperature isn't really all that bad. The humidity level could be what is making your aging family member uncomfortable. Using a dehumidifier can help to get the humidity down to a level that is just right for her to feel better about being more active. Small dehumidifiers are great for  smaller rooms or enclosed spaces, but you might need a bigger dehumidifier for larger spaces.

Always talk to your elderly family member's doctor about any new pain she is experiencing. There are other treatments that her doctor might recommend that could help during warmer weather. You might want to consider keeping a notebook in which you track changes to her symptoms as you try new treatments.

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