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Senior Home Safety in Delray Beach

Government organizations such as the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control report that when it comes to aging at home, seniors are at a higher level of risk than their younger counterparts. More than 10 million seniors injure themselves falling down each year.

Falls aren’t the only danger facing seniors living on their own. Electric shocks, burn injuries and residential fires are common among this group, too. Fires, especially, are 250% more common in the homes of the elderly than in other homes.

These statistics do not mean that the elderly are incapable of living on their own; rather, they indicate that a great deal can be done to ensure that a senior is safe at home.

What sort of measures are necessary?

  • Create a fall-free environment. What might seem to be an adequate level of lighting to younger people could end up being inadequate to the elderly, who tend to struggle with poor vision. Poor lighting being one of the main causes of accidents involving tripping or slipping, it is important that every corner of the house be brightly lit. Easy-to-reach light switches are important, too.
  • Improperly arranged objects in the home can cause trip-and-fall accidents. Carpets and rugs, badly arranged furniture, potted plants, decorative items and electrical cords can all be fall hazards. While good lighting can make it easier to avoid these hazards, it’s always a good idea to make sure that there are as few as possible.
  • Create a fire-safe environment. Space heaters, fireplaces and kitchen stoves all tend to be fire hazards to the elderly. While it is important to make sure that all heating is done with safe equipment, kitchen stoves present difficult problems. It’s important to have constant help and oversight to minimize risk.

How do you make sure that your loved one is safe?

While you may be able to set up the home of an elderly loved one in a way that is free of some hazards, many others require regular oversight. Clutter, fire hazards or slipping on wet tile in the bathroom can all be prevented with assistance. BrightStar Care of Delray Beach is the answer.

BrightStar Care is a trusted source of professional in-home care providers. Senior caregivers from BrightStar are able to offer your loved ones the level of care and assistance that they need to make sure that they are always safe from hazards.
Companion care providers also offer home support services such as light housekeeping and meal preparation services. 

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